Crystal Dynamics

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DATE: 1st Quarter 94

Total Eclipse from Crystal Dynamics is a shoot-em up game where you will combat the Drak-Sai, an alien race that has selected to hunt our species! They also want to destroy our sun with their powerful weapon called the Sun Dagger, as they did with the Omega Quadrant's sun. There is no more time to think, so you must get into action now with your FireWing to burn them before they reach Earth.

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Total Eclipse features texture-mapped terrains and objects rendered in 3D at a blazing speed pace and stunning action. You can roll right or left, dive and climb, accelerate and brake, all at a warping speed. The soundtrack brings a new depth to the action that is really something never seen before.

The cinematics are using 3D virtual actors that look almost real with plenty of details and smooth animation. There are four locations where you must complete missions. Each mission, when completed, will promote you to a higher grade.

New weapons will be available during the combats when flying through their icons. Each weapon has three power levels and when you start the game, your initial power level is one. To increase its level, you must pass overtop of the icon corresponding to the weapon.


Total Eclipse is a nauseatingly fast action game with only one thing not included: the space sickness bags.


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