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Demolition Man is the first 3DO title released by Virgin based on the movie of the same name. It features four different types of game play such as the first person perspective like Doom, combat fighting, car chases, and shooting galleries.

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It contains video footage that were shot during the making of the film especially for the game and uses other parts from the movie. The graphics were produced by Silicon Graphics workstations which provide awesome visual effects. The live action videos are the best quality ever seen on the 3DO and is so perfect that you feel like watching the movie.

Without any doubt, Demolition Man is the game with the most incredible soundtrack that completely immerses you in the heart of the action. You will never believe that you can actually be out of breath while playing with the game, if you have never played with it, because it really pumps your adrenaline high.

The game is divided into four missions with usually sub-levels of different types. The first type is the shooting galleries where your goal is to kill everything that moves on the screen. The fighting game does not compare to Samurai Shodown or Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Controls are wacky and the lack of moves is hard to handle. In the game of first-person view, you explore gloomy labyrinths looking for enemies. The textures are well done with fast and good graphics. The last type is also the worst type with a car chase game where you must stop Phoenix and use hand to hand combat at the end.


Demolition Man is one of the titles that every 3DO owner must buy. It is really cool and extremely exciting.


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