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Eugene, OR, August 27, 1998 -- Sierra Sports announces that Fantasy Sports Pro, the ultimate fantasy sports management league system, has shipped to stores nationwide. A four-in-one fantasy sports title, Fantasy Sports Pro allows fans to create and manage their own fantasy leagues. The title includes a compilation of the following league administration products from the top 4 fantasy sports: Terry Bradshaw Fantasy Football, Mike Richter Fantasy Hockey, Grant Hill Fantasy Basketball and Cal Ripken Jr. Fantasy Baseball.

"With Fantasy Sports Pro handling all the tedious legwork, fantasy sports fans are left with the fun and competitiveness they crave from fantasy sports," said Sean Gleason, Sierra Sports marketing director. "The attention to detail consumers have become accustomed to from Sierra Sports makes Fantasy Sports Pro a logical extension to complete our product line."

Users can kick off their fantasy season using the completely customizable draft, rule enforcement, point scoring systems, league creation and scheduling tools. There's room for drafting of up to 30 teams in six divisions, and set up division weighted head-to-head scheduling. Once into the season, Fantasy Sports Pro makes it easy to download roster updates, program updates and injury reports - even publish results on the World Wide Web with the new web publishing tool using more than 35 different reports. And as a separate service, commissioners can download weekly statistics quickly and easily from the Fantasy Sports Properties, Inc., website.

Commissioners and players can also view more than 55 pre-defined statistical categories, all completely customizable. Fantasy Sports Pro also includes an integrated e-mail feature for quick posting of weekly reports to team owners.

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Unveiled at the 1998 Daytona 500, Sierra Sports is one of Sierra's six best-selling brands, and publishes the most complete list of high quality sports simulations on the market. A common passion unites Sierra Sports developers such as Dynamix, Papyrus, Headgate and the Sierra Sports NW team -- commitment to the true spirit of sport. Upcoming titles from Sierra Sports include Grand Prix Legends, NFL Football Pro 99, PGA Championship Golf - 1999 Edition, Basketball Pro 99, Fantasy Sports Pro, NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition, Skiing 99, Trophy Buck, Trophy Bass 3D, and Trophy Marlin.

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