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Monolith Productions, Inc.'s First Self-Published Game Hits Retail Shelves Today

Kirkland, WA, August 28, 1998 -- Monolith Productions, Inc., the creators of the popular computer game Blood, have released Get Medieval, an addictive, fun-filled, arcade-style action PC game loaded with humor. This "Gauntlet-style" title will be the first game self-published by Monolith, a 3-year-old company that has already established itself as a developer of high-quality titles.

Get Medieval will bring players back to an arcade-addicted time in the style of the cult-classic video game "Gauntlet." Up to four players can immediately jump into the fast-and-furious action, either through single-player mode, or multiplayer mode via the Internet, a modem or LAN. The pace never slows as 20 different menacing monsters - from hordes of spiders to trolls to ogres - attack players en masse.

Get Medieval's Random Dungeon Generator offers players randomly created levels, thus keeping game play fresh and providing a high replay value. Players will have to keep on their toes, as they will never know what monsters are lurking. The fun intensifies with added effects, such as incredible audio with panning and fading, and dynamic color. The game's humorous dialog and monster-mashing music will assure that players will leave with a smile on their face.

"Get Medieval offers irresistible and relentless gameplay combined with an engaging multiplayer option," said Jason Hall, the 27-year-old CEO of Monolith Productions. "This game will keep players and their friends entertained for hours without having to feed hundreds of quarters into an arcade machine."

Although players need to use mostly brawn, they do need a little brain to choose their warrior wisely. Each of the four 3D-rendered characters - a barbarian, elf, warrior princess, or sorceress - has unique strengths, weaknesses and their own personality. For example, the barbarian has a stronger weapon, and a tough guy attitude but he is slower on his feet, whereas the elf is faster but has low self-esteem and a weaker weapon. Also, while crossing the spectacular grounds, gamers will need to find certain keys to open secret doors while fending off the evil beings happy to see their demise.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 PC or equivalent, 16 MB RAM, DirectX accelerated video card with 2 MB video RAM, Windows compatible Sound card, 4X CD-ROM drive, Windows(r) 95/98.

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Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Monolith Productions is a developer and publisher of computer games. Current titles include Get Medieval, Blood and Claw, a 1998 Codie Award nominee published by WizardWorks. In addition to Get Medieval, new titles to be released this fall include: SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division, Rage of Mages and Blood 2: The Chosen.

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