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Arizona-Based Publisher/Developer Sends Team to Las Vegas
In Support Of Classic Games

Mesa, AZ, August 26th, 1998 -- IcePick Games announced at last weekend's World of Atari '98 conference that its first game using Monolith's LithTechT 3D game engine for its first multi-platform title will be called "BankHeist".

"There are elements of gameplay missing from today's games that made the classics very special to those of us who have been playing games most of our lives," said IcePick's Executive Producer, Warren Weems. "What better place to show our support for classic games, and announce our intentions to incorporate many of those elements in our games as we announce our first title?"

Weems announced the title to game press and newspaper reporters that had attended the conference to cover the event.

"Sometimes it's fun to play the bad guy," said Weems. "In BankHeist, you get to play one of three distinct characters with three distinct perspectives of the storyline and the action. Over the next few weeks we'll be announcing more elements of the game, including characters in the game. We will tell you that there's a VERY bad character that will be a lot of fun to play by the name of Stephanie. Stephanie's attractive, smart, witty and has a violent nature. She's a former police officer whose self-indulgence fed her need for aggression. Steph's career as an officer ended following accusations from her commander that she was using excessive force on the job. She immediately responded by kicking him in the groin."

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IcePick Games announced its existence at this year's E3 show in Atlanta, and has been quietly acquiring the resources and tools it needs to become a major player in the electronic entertainment industry early next year. ICEPICK GAMES is located in Mesa, just east of Phoenix, Arizona.

Monolith Productions is located in Kirkland, Washington. Other Monolith games developed using the LithTech(tm) 3D Engine include Shogo: Mobile Armor Division(tm) and Blood 2: The Chosen(tm), both scheduled to be released this fall.

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