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Panama City, FL, August 21, 1998 -- BSG Labs is ready to deliver a new kind of "rocking chair," and it's not the kind your grandma sits in. Today, BSG Labs announced that they have secured national distribution for the Intensor Sensory Gaming Chair, the ultimate sound and tactile enhancement experience, at major national retailers including CompUSA. Other major retailers will be announced shortly. In addition, BSG has announced that consumers can pre-order the chair in advance of its mid-September availability.

"For months consumers have been contacting us to find out where they can get the Intensor, and we are excited that they will be able to find the chair in hundred of stores across the country," said Bill Beres, senior vice president of sales and marketing at BSG Labs. "These major retailers will provide consumers with easy access to the Intensor, the most impressive audio and tactile device available."

The Intensor's patented, built-in, immersive sound system delivers a strong tactile feedback sensation to home video gamers, providing a more realistic gaming experience. The chair is compatible with all video game systems including the Sony PlayStation game console and Nintendo 64, as well as all PC games.

The Intensor can also be used with any home entertainment product including VCR, Compact Discs, DVD, all stereo systems and television. The Intensor can be used anywhere in the world with its 110/220 volt switching power supply and detachable power cord.

The chair, with a specially-designed amplifier, has multiple patents pending. It also consists of five, high performance built-in speakers; full range and bass drivers; left and right mid-range drivers and a high-frequency tweeter. Sound vibrations carry though the polypropylene surface to the user's body, thus providing an incredible overall tactile and moving experience.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Intensor ranges from $300 to $600, depending on optional accessories.

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BSG Laboratories is also active in automotive, consumer and commercial audio.

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