Westwood Launches Worldwide Online Tournament

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Las Vegas, NV, April 9, 1998 -- More than 50,000 gamers from around the world competed for thousands of dollars worth of prizes in the first month of the Westwood Online Tournament. The top players for March received prizes from official sponsors like Logitech, Diamond Multimedia and PCGamer. The second month of competition, which started April 1, is already heating up.

To qualify, players must compete in one of five games on Westwood Online: Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer Sole Survivor, Command & Conquer Red Alert, Aftermath for Red Alert, and Games People Play: Hearts, Spades & Euchre. Other online games, including Dune 2000 and the eagerly awaited Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, will become part of the tournament later this year. Registration is free, but players must own a copy of the game they wish to compete with.

It's the first tournament of its kind to be truly global with eligible players coming from France, Germany, England, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands.

Each game has an automatic ranking system, which makes playing and competing easy. At the end of every game, each player is given a certain amount points. At the end of the month, the best players of each game will win prizes, the scores are set to zero, and the tournament begins again. The complete rules can be found at www.westwood.com.

"Players hunger to be recognized as the best," said Steve Wetherill, Westwood's VP of R&D and Executive Producer of Westwood Online. "They practice and perfect new strategies, forging them over hours and hours of gameplay. They even research their opponents, seeking detailed information about strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. When we saw how devoted Westwood Online players are, we knew we had to create a rewarding tournament system with many great prizes."

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Westwood Studios is a prominent publisher of best-selling PC, Macintosh and next-generation console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood Studios has released several popular titles including: Dune II(tm), the Lands of Lore series, the Kyrandia(R) adventure trilogy, Monopoly(R) for the Internet, Blade Runner(R), Games People Play(TM), and the Command & Conquer product line, which has sold over 10 million units.

Westwood Studios is a subsidiary of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Spelling Entertainment Group Inc. (NYSE: SP).

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