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Redmond, WA, April 6, 1998 -- Microsoft announced today a deal with Red Storm Entertainment that will allow owners of the company's upcoming CD-ROM games to be available free of charge through Microsoft's popular Internet Gaming Zone.

The agreement allows all 1998 Red Storm Entertainment titles, including the new Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Dominant Species, both scheduled for release later this year, to be available for play over the Internet Gaming Zone. The CD-ROMs feature a combination of total 3-D graphics, advanced strategy and action gameplay, and innovative production techniques that add to the games' realism. Players will need to own copies of the games in order to play against each other over the Internet Gaming Zone.

"Adding the Red Storm games to the Zone strengthens our third-party lineup of quality games for which we offer free matchmaking," said Todd Stevens, product manager for the Internet Gaming Zone. "We're very happy to be joining efforts with a great, new developer like Red Storm, who provide entertainment products that appeal to a wide array of gamers."

"We're very proud to have our new line of multiplayer titles featured on Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone," said Dick Wnuk, vice president, sales and marketing for Red Storm Entertainment. "We've only been in business for less than two years, but we're producing games that define the next generation of Internet-playable games - titles that appeal not only to the traditional computer game fan, but also to a new type of gamer that has never played online before. Thanks to Microsoft, gamers everywhere can come together on the Zone to play our games."

The Internet Gaming Zone offers free matchmaking services, giving members the ability to easily find and compete against other gamers. With over 1.1 million registered members and peak simultaneous usage of over 7,500 gamers, the Internet Gaming Zone is the leading Internet gaming site.

About Red Storm Entertainment

Red Storm Entertainment is a multiple-media gaming company that produces and markets interactive computer games and other entertainment products in several forms, including CD-ROM and console games, books, board games and related merchandise. A partner of Pearson plc, one of the world's largest and most respected media groups, the company was founded by best-selling author and Chairman of the Board Tom Clancy, and Virtus Corp., the leader in interactive 3-D business applications. Red Storm Entertainment is based in Morrisville, North Carolina, and has its European headquarters in London.

About Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone

The Internet Gaming Zone offers free membership with three components: free classic card and board games, free matchmaking for retail games and access to premium games designed exclusively for the Zone (connect-time charges may apply). Most recently, Microsoft launched the Fighter Ace online multiplayer game, a WWII aerial combat game designed specifically for the Internet where more than 100 players can dogfight in a single flight arena.

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