Quake II Multiplayer Games Added to Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone

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Redmond, WA, April 8, 1998 -- Starting tomorrow, Microsoft Corp. will offer free matchmaking support for Quake II on its Internet Gaming Zone, allowing users of the retail game to jump onto the Zone to meet and compete against other Quake II players. Developed by id Software, Quake II is a nonstop action game that allows players to undertake complex missions set in an alien landscape. Quake II gamers will gather in the Quake II lobbies on the Zone to meet opponents before launching into their games.

The Internet Gaming Zone offers free membership with three components: free classic card and board games, free matchmaking for retail games and access to premium games designed exclusively for the Zone (connect-time charges may apply). Most recently, Microsoft launched the Fighter Ace online muliplayer game, a World War II aerial combat game designed specifically for play over the Internet, where more than 100 players can compete in a single flight arena.

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