Westwood Studios Unveils Blade Runner Web Site

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Take a Sneak Peek at the Highly Anticipated Blade Runner CD-ROM Game at www.bladerunner.com

Las Vegas, NV, October 28, 1997 -- Westwood Studios, a leading publisher of CD-ROM and videogame titles including the blockbuster Command & Conquer series, today unveiled the Blade Runner Web site. The site, which gives gamers an advance look at the upcoming Blade Runner real-time 3D adventure game, features full-color screen shots of characters and environments, exclusive AVI movies of game footage, and extensive information regarding gameplay and the title's breakthrough technologies.

The Blade Runner Web site offers a number of exclusive surprises for fans, including a downloadable theme pack of several new backgrounds, new sound effects and icons for Windows 95. A timeline tracing the history of Blade Runner takes visitors from its inception as Phillip K. Dick's 1968 novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" to its current incarnation as the most eagerly anticipated adventure game of the season. Site visitors can also take a sneak peek behind the scenes at original sketches of game artwork and exclusive photos of the cast and crew. Links to fan sites and online previews of the title are also offered.

Westwood Studios' Blade Runner is a real-time, 3-D adventure computer game that portrays the mysterious and futuristic society, culture and characters from the 1982 sci-fi film, and will be available on four CD-ROMs on November 13, 1997. Featuring key actors from the original film, as well as breathtaking technological advances (including a sophisticated goal-oriented AI that gives each potential ally or foe free will and unpredictable agendas), Blade Runner is one of the most eagerly awaited CD-ROM titles of the year.

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Blade Runner/Westwood Partners is a joint venture between Virgin Interactive Entertainment and the Blade Runner Partnership formed to jointly publish interactive entertainment titles based on rights to the motion picture Blade Runner which are owned by The Blade Runner Partnership.

Westwood Studios is a prominent publisher of best-selling PC, Macintosh and next-generation console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood Studios has released several popular titles including: Dune II, Lands of Lore, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Monopoly for the Internet and the Command & Conquer product line, which has sold over 6 million units worldwide since its debut in 1995.

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