VideoLogic and NEC Debut First PowerVR Motherboard Design Win and Announce New Games Support for PowerVR at Comdex'97

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Las Vegas, NV, November 17 -- At Comdex'97, the world's largest computer exhibition, VideoLogic and NEC will debut the new Media Centre motherboard from Cyrix integrating the PowerVR-based NEC PCX2 chip, and announce 18 major new PowerVR titles from leading Games Developers.

Cyrix Selects PowerVR for new Media Centre Motherboard Cyrix Corporation, a leading supplier of processors to the PC market, will debut its new Media Centre motherboard on the NEC and VideoLogic PowerVR stand at Comdex '97 this week.

The Cyrix Media Centre is a reference design that integrates the PowerVR-based PCX2 chip onto the motherboard as standard. Media Centre will be offered to consumer electronics companies and PC manufacturers in early December 1997. The Cyrix Media Centre product is designed to combine the latest in arcade quality 3D gaming, DVD/CD-ROM, TV, surround sound and multimedia editing in a single "infotainment" product.

NEC and VideoLogic Join with Epic MegaGames Inc. to Bring Unreal to PowerVR NEC and VideoLogic today announced Unreal from Epic MegaGames Inc, the most anticipated title in 3D game history, will join the PowerVR ready program when it ships in early 1998.

PowerVR and Activision Announce Creative Alliance

NEC, VideoLogic and Activision today announced a creative alliance to utilise the PowerVR 3D technology in at least seven upcoming games, including Nightmare Creatures, Quake II, Hexen II, Heavy Gear, SiN, Disillusionment of Eternity and Quake Mission pack. Activision is a publicly held developer and publisher of interactive entertainment.

VideoLogic Announces PowerVR edition of Resident Evil

VideoLogic has today announced that the full and uncut version of Resident Evil for PowerVR will be available to all users of PowerVR 3D accelerators in the UK from the end of November directly from VideoLogic.

PowerVR Announces 18 New 3D Games Join PowerVR Ready Program

NEC and VideoLogic today announced 18 new PowerVR Ready games from eleven of the industry's leading games developers at Comdex `97: Acclaim, Activision, Eidos Interactive, Electronic Arts, Epic MegaGames, Gremlin Interactive, Kalisto Entertainment, LucasArt, Pygnosis, Virgin Interactive Entertainment and Shiny. The titles from these companies join the list of more than 100 games released or under development for the PowerVR Ready program.

New PowerVR games include:
    Acclaim: Turok, Dinosaur Hunter and Forsaken
    Activision: Nightmare Creatures, Quake II, Hexen II, Heavy Gear, SiN, Disillusionment of Eternity and Quake Mission pack
    Eidos Interactive: Tomb Raider II
    Electronic Arts: Moto Racer and FIFA, Road to World Cup 98
    Epic MegaGames: Unreal
    Gremlin Interactive: Actua Soccer 2
    Kalisto Entertainment: Ultim@te Race Pro
    Lucas Arts: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2
    Psygnosis: Shipwreckers
    Shiny Entertainment: Messiah
    Virgin Interactive Entertainment: NHL Powerplay 98

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    VideoLogic, founded in 1985, is a leading international supplier of PC multimedia products. The company develops highly integrated advanced multimedia semiconductors, software and multimedia PC add-in cards, with distribution in more than 50 countries through OEMs, value added resellers, retail channels and directly from VideoLogic offices. The company has its corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom, its US headquarters in San Bruno, California, and offices in Frankfurt, Germany. VideoLogic has development agreements with Compaq and NEC, and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (FOOTSY:VDO).

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