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Ubi Soft Ships Highly Original Game with Politically Correct Twist

San Francisco, CA, November 11, 1997 -- Ubi Soft Entertainment announces the shipping of Sub Culture, the highly original 3D underwater action/adventure with a politically correct twist. Set in a graphically rich world beneath the sea, players assume the role of a miniature humanoid struggling to survive. Your mission? Survive life as a mercenary, bring peace between two feuding civilizations and ultimately save your subterranean world from human pollution.

"Sub Culture blends a unique combination of action, adventure, and strategy throughout an amazing underwater 3D world brimming with spontaneous life," stated Leighton Webb, product manager for Ubi Soft Entertainment. "The game offers players a refreshingly new gaming experience with unique gameplay, groundbreaking graphics, a tightly woven, original storyline and a subterranean underwater world to die for."

Developed by Criterion Studios, Sub Culture features unprecedented real-time 3D graphics, sophisticated special effects, and accurate physics-based dynamics modeling resulting in an astonishingly realistic underwater environment. The game was rendered using over 100,000 polygons and built on Criterion's proprietary Dive engine, an extensively enhanced version of RenderWareO, Criterion's generic 3D library.

The PC CD-ROM title is priced at $49.95. Sub Culture is optimized for 3Dfx Voodoo, PowerVR and Rendition accelerator cards for the richest 3D gaming experience. All other cards are supported via Direct 3D. Forced feedback is supported via DirectX 5.0.

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Ubi Soft Entertainment, a $60 million European-based software publishing and distribution company, was founded in 1986 in France. The company is best known in the U.S. for Rayman, a blockbuster action/adventure game for all ages that debuted in 1995. Its most recent title is the sci-fi racing thriller POD, the first racing game ever to offer the option to link up to eight simultaneous players directly over the Internet. In addition to Tonic Trouble, other recent releases include F1 Pole Position 64 (the first racing simulation for Nintendo 64), and Sub Culture, a revolutionary 3D submarine game for the PC. In addition to its U.S. offices in California and its headquarters in France, Ubi Soft has offices in Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Australia, China and Canada.

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