SegaSoft Brings Seven Red-Hot New Titles to HEAT

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New multiplayer games by GT Interactive, id Software, Ripcord Games and Red Orb coming to HEAT.NET Internet Game Network

Redwood City, CA, November 13, 1997 -- SegaSoft Networks, Inc. is stoking up the fires on its new HEAT.NET Internet Game Network with seven red-hot new titles. SegaSoft today announced agreements with GT Interactive, id Software, Ripcord Games and Red Orb Entertainment to make new multiplayer gaming titles available on HEAT.NET.

"SegaSoft's total commitment to excellence is reflected in the A-list of publishers and games we are bringing to HEAT," said Sarah Mason, vice president and general manager of HEAT. "Along with our own original content like Net Fighter, the first one-on-one fighting game for the Internet, SegaSoft is bringing the best of the best in multiplayer gaming titles to HEAT members. Top to bottom, HEAT is the place to go online for the best games, competition and rewards." The seven new titles coming to HEAT include Quake II, Hexen II, Total Annihilation, Postal, Warlords III: Reign of Heroes, Take No Prisoners and WarBreeds.

The highly anticipated Quake II will unleash a new barrage of carnage across HEAT this winter. Harnessing the power and popularity of the original mega-blockbuster hit by id Software, Quake II sends players blasting their way through an entirely new world with more than 30 blood-soaked levels of complex missions using an arsenal of high-tech weapons.

Also from id Software is Hexen II, the sequel to the popular title Hexen: Beyond Heretic, which will debut on HEAT.NET in December. Extending the classic storyline of the original 3-D action/role-playing game, Hexen II challenges players to hack, bludgeon and stab their way through 30 levels in four demon-infested worlds.

Total Annihilation is a hot new 3-D action/role-playing game set in the distant future. Two warring camps, the Core and the Arm, battle and build their way across incredible 3-D environments, including terrains with true 3-D elevations, to settle a vast and ancient conflict. Published by GT Interactive, Total Annihilation will open on HEAT in November.

Postal, published by Ripcord Games, is the world's first and only nonstop killing action/strategy psychological thriller game. Refreshingly devoid of mutant aliens and meaningless quests, Postal features good old-fashioned psychotic shoot-em-up action with dark overtones of government intervention.

Also coming to HEAT are three hot titles published by Red Orb Entertainment. Warlords III: Reign of Heroes is the latest in a series of strategy games renowned for its depth of gameplay and truly challenging artificial intelligence. A medieval fantasy setting provides the backdrop for a struggle among barbaric hordes of heroes, warriors, undead and other beings. Countless game configuration options and features combine the action of real-time battle with the depth of turn-based games. The reign begins on HEAT in December.

Take No Prisoners is a hard-core action shooter that sends players on missions through 20 nonlinear territories populated by hordes of twisted mutants and refugees, all fighting for their own survival in a post-nuclear city of the future. Combining pulse-quickening action with unique strategic elements, Take No Prisoners features two overhead views that allow players to see and fight better. The mutants are released on HEAT in December.

WarBreeds is a real-time strategy game of genetic conquest in which only the strong survive. Four alien clans battle it out, conquering each other to extract genetic materials to build stronger and more diverse armies. Rich graphics and infinitely customizable units (via genetic engineering) will make WarBreeds a surefire winner. The battles begin on HEAT early in 1998.

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SegaSoft's HEAT Internet Game Network seamlessly blends original and third-party gaming content, community, competitive features and commercial aspects into a uniquely immersive and compelling online experience. HEAT offers both a free and premium membership service. Gameplay is free for all members, but only premium members are able to use their HEAT frequent player points to purchase merchandise in HEAT's online store. Premium members also earn bonus prizes for winning HEAT tournaments and special events. Located at, HEAT has already attracted approximately 90,000 players since its full-scale commercial launch in September 1997.

SegaSoft was founded in 1995 and develops interactive software and content for PC's and the Internet. SegaSoft is a privately held company whose shareholders include CSK International Headquarters, Inc. and Sega of America, Inc. SegaSoft is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., where it employs 120 people.

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