Scrooges Rejoice! Free Virtual Jigsaw: Holiday Edition Available at SouthPeak Web Site

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Cary, NC, December 12, 1997 -- If you find your December gift budget quickly depleted, then the Santas at SouthPeak have the perfect gift -- a free, holiday-themed version of SouthPeak's Virtual Jigsaw!

Virtual Jigsaw: Holiday Edition comes gift-wrapped as a single 5.9 MB executable file for PCs and can be downloaded from SouthPeak Interactive's website. This free version of the game gives computer users and classic puzzle players most of the features found in the retail versions of Virtual Jigsaw, recognized as one of PC Magazine's "1997 Top 100 CD-ROMs" in its September 9, 1997 issue.

Players may select from eight images reflecting the spirit of the season to create one- and two-sided puzzles with five difficulty levels ranging from "Easy" to "Impossible???" A number of hints are available -- players can place a "ghost" puzzle or a box top on the desktop as a guide, or they can allow the computer to place any number of the remaining pieces.

Five editions of Virtual Jigsaw are currently available: MasterPieces, Photo Gallery, Purrr-fect Puzzles, Wildlife, and North Carolina Museum of Art Curator's Collection. All are available from SouthPeak's web site or by calling toll-free 1-800-774-6183.

Virtual Jigsaw: Holiday Edition requires an IBM compatible computer 486 or greater; Windows(R) 95 or Windows NT; 8 MB RAM; 6 MB of hard drive space; SVGA with 256 colors or greater modes; sound card optional.

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Based in Cary, N.C., SouthPeak Interactive is a multimedia entertainment company that develops, publishes and markets quality CD-ROM entertainment products. SouthPeak develops PC games utilizing Video Reality, a revolutionary new way of planning and developing computer games that results in stunningly detailed environments where gamers are free to control where they want to go, when they want to go, and what they want to look at -- and interact with -- on the way there.

SouthPeak offers two games that should be on every computer game lover's gift wish list this year - Temujin, the world's first Video Reality game, and Men in Black: The Game, an immersive action-adventure based on this summer's biggest blockbuster movie.

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