Unregistered Aliens Beware -- "Men in Black: The Game" Ships this Week

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Cary, NC, November 11, 1997 -- Santa Claus will be wearing a black suit and dark sunglasses this holiday season as SouthPeak Interactive begins shipping 100,000 units of Men in Black: The Game to retailers throughout the United States and Canada this week. The game is currently available for the PC only and retails for $39.95.

Men in Black: The Game is not just a rehash of the movie. After proving themselves on the streets of New York, gamers may choose to play the part of Agent J, Agent K or Agent L as they embark on three brand new Men in Black missions to the Arctic, the Amazon, and the Island of Skip Frales in the Pacific Northwest.

Like the Men in Black agents in this summer's blockbuster movie, you'll have to be quick with your fists and your mind to be successful in Men in Black: The Game. On one hand, you will need to master Men in Black's rigorous combat engine to defeat the human and alien enemies in your path, but you'll also need to exercise problem-solving skills to solve a number of puzzles that stand between you and the truth about an alien conspiracy.

The game was developed by brothers David and Yoni Koenig at Gigawatt Studios of Hollywood, CA. The pair has collaborated on award-winning games including Virgin Sound and Vision's "One Small Square: Seashore" and Electronic Arts' "Millennium Auction" series.

The minimum system requirements for Men in Black: The Game are Windows 95, Pentium 100 MHz, 16 MB RAM, quad-speed CD-ROM, Soundblaster-16 or comparable, 2 MB video memory, and 10 MB free hard drive space.

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