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Top-selling PlayStation titles blast onto the PC with all new graphics and multiplayer support

San Diego, CA, November 1997 -- Following the success of the PlayStation hits Jet Moto and Twisted Metal 2, Sony Interactive Studios America's (SISA) PC group announced today the November 19, 1997, release of Jet Moto and Twisted Metal 2 for the Windows 95 PC platform.

"Developing PC titles has allowed us to take advantage of 3D hardware acceleration, multiplayer capabilities, and outstanding new graphics," said Kelly Flock, President of Sony Interactive Studios America. "This is a new frontier for high-end gaming, and SISA is dedicating substantial resources to develop our expertise."

Jet Moto and Twisted Metal 2 for the PC supports Microsoft Direct 3D with substantial benefits for 3Dfx and Rendition owners: players are able to view more refined graphics with higher resolution (up to 800 X 600 16 bit color) and bilinear filtering. Additionally, there is appropriate use of transparencies such as with the smoke and fire special effects. "These are the games that sold so well on the PlayStation but now refined and enhanced for the PC," states SISA's Director of PC Development, John Smedley.

Also added to these new PC versions are multiplayer capabilities. Jet Moto now allows players to race up to 14 friends and Twisted Metal 2 allows up to eight. Both titles support network play over direct modem connections, direct serial connections, IPX LAN, and TCP/IP for Internet gaming (with at least a 56K modem).

Jet Moto and Twisted Metal 2 will be on sale just in time for the holiday rush. They will be priced at $39.95 and available at retail software stores.

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Formed in 1995, Sony Interactive Studios America (SISA) began as an entertainment software company developing titles for the PlayStation game console. Due to the success of its PlayStation titles, SISA has now expanded into the personal computer and online markets. The PC product line-up includes offerings from the action/strategy, role-playing, racing, and sports genres. Headquartered in Foster City, California, SISA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

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