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Sierra On-Line and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment To Create Babylon 5 CD-ROMs

Oakhurst, CA, October 27, 1997 -- Sierra On-Line today announced a major multi-faceted partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to create interactive entertainment products based on J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5 science fiction television series, set to debut its fifth season in January 1998. Sierra's game designers and Babylon 5's producers will work in tandem to extend Babylon 5 to computer games and interactive CD-ROMs.

"We're combining Sierra's expertise in developing best-selling hit titles for CD-ROMs with the quality content of Babylon 5," Craig Alexander, general manager of Sierra Publishing, the company's Oakhurst-California-based development facility said. "We wanted more than a license; we wanted a true creative partnership, and that's what we found with Warner Bros. and the whole Babylon 5 team. We're looking forward to using the unique combination of our talents to extend the Babylon 5 universe into the interactive arena, all the while continuing to match the level of excellent content established by the series."

The first title, "The Official Guide to J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5," scheduled to ship in fall of 1997, takes viewers straight to the Babylon 5 space stations, providing an inside look at ships, weapons, governments, main characters and locations. It includes video clips, written descriptions and technical data. Even hard-core fans will find fascinating new insights into the Babylon 5 universe.

In addition, an enhanced CD will contain the music of Christopher Franke, the composer for the Babylon 5 television series. Franke is famous for his work with the trailblazing electronic musical group Tangerine Dream. The CD-ROM includes several new tracks written specifically for Sierra's upcoming space-combat game. The enhanced CD finishes off with interactive interviews with production staff members and actors who work on the show, including series creator J. Michael Straczynski himself.

Sierra's second title, due in the fall of 1998, is a space-combat simulation which will faithfully recreate the look and feel of the TV series, both in graphic detail and accurate flight technology. Working directly with series creator Straczynski, the game designers will satisfy both hard-core space-combat fans and those interested in real-time gaming strategy.

"We think it's time to pursue new media for our content and provide our loyal viewers with a new way to enjoy Babylon 5," Michael Harkavy, Warner Bros.' Vice-President of Worldwide Publishing and Interactive Entertainment said. "We are fortunate to have such an experienced industry leader as Sierra as our partner on this exciting project."

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Warner Bros. Consumer Products, which includes the Licensing, Studio Stores, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, WB Sport and WB Toys Divisions, is a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.

Sierra On-Line is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment, productivity and educational software. The company recently merged with CUC International, a technology-driven, membership-services company that provides access to travel, shopping, auto, dining, home improvement, financial and other services to 70 million consumers worldwide. The company's common stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol CU. Sierra's corporate headquarters are located in Bellevue, WA.

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