NASCAR Racing 3 Scheduled For Christmas 98

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Watertown, MA, October 28, 1997 -- Papyrus Design Group, a division of Sierra On-Line, Inc., announces its NASCAR Racing 3 is due to ship to stores in time for Christmas 1998.

NASCAR Racing 3's features include:

  • Entirely New "Third-Generation" Physics Model
  • Internet Multiplayer experience
  • Additional customization options
  • 1998 season teams, drivers, and tracks
  • Enhanced Artificial Intelligence.

    NASCAR Racing 2 is currently the #6-selling game in the nation, according to PC Data. NASCAR Racing 2 features NASCAR drivers, teams and sponsors, and allows competition in a full championship season on sixteen sanctioned NASCAR tracks. The game's physics model renders a high degree of realism, duplicating actual car behavior and responding to track and weather conditions. Racers also enjoy realistic detail in the car setups and are able to race head-to-head via modem or over the Internet.

    The NASCAR Grand National Series Expansion Pack ships this week. The Expansion Pack adds 30 new drivers, teams and cars and 10 tracks from the NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division to the NASCAR Racing 2 experience, as well as two fantasy tracks.

    NASCAR Racing 2 for MS-DOS is available at computer stores everywhere or by calling Sierra direct at (800) 757-7707. Estimated retail price is $49.95. Other NASCAR racing products in the Papyrus family are NASCAR Racing, NASCAR Racing for Mac and NASCAR Racing for the Playstation.

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    Papyrus Design Group is a software development division of Sierra On-line, Inc. Developers of the most compelling software-based racing experiences possible, Papyrus, best-selling products include the NASCAR Racing and IndyCar Racing lines. Upcoming titles include SODA Off-Road Racing and Grand Prix Legends. Winners of 4 Software Publishers Association CODIE awards, Papyrus has a ten-year reputation for superior use of physics and realism in their products. Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, Papyrus employs 75 artists, engineers and marketing staff.

    Sierra, located in Bellevue, WA, is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software. In July 1996, Sierra was acquired by CUC International, Inc. (NYSE: CU), a technology-driven retail and membership services company that provides access to travel, shopping, auto, dining, home improvement, financial and other services to more than 70 million consumers worldwide. Sierra is part of CUC Software, an operating unit that consolidates the sales, manufacturing, finance, accounting and management of CUC International's software divisions.

    Incorporated in 1948, NASCAR is the most competitive form of motorsports in the world. Close, side-by-side competition in the foundation for NASCAR-style racing as it strives to continue to make stock car racing in the United States highly competitive, affordable, and entertaining at approximately 2,000 events in 12 racing divisions at more than 100 tracks throughout the United States each year.

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