Red Orb Entertainment Encourages Game Fans to Go for Gold on The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time Web Site

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New Web Site Launches with a Sweepstakes to Win One of 100 Limited Edition 24K Gold Disc Versions

Novato, CA, December 1, 1997 -- Red Orb Entertainment, a division of Broderbund Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: BROD), today announced the launch of a sweepstakes promotion to generate excitement for its highly anticipated adventure game, The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time. Visitors to the Legacy of Time Web site can enter a sweepstakes to win a limited edition 24 karat gold version of Legacy of Time, in addition to getting a sneak peak of the soon-to-be-released game before it hits the store shelves. The official Legacy of Time Web site is located at

Anyone visiting the Legacy of Time site can enter to win a 24 karat gold version of the game by simply completing an entry form. No purchase is necessary. One hundred lucky winners will be selected at random throughout the duration of the sweepstakes. Additional details and official rules are located at the site.

Visitors to the site can download a cinematic trailer for a preview of Legacy of Time, as well as scan through more than 20 screen shots of the games breathtaking pre-rendered 3D graphics at the sites Image Gallery. The Exhibits and Profiles galleries provide detailed information on the game's different characters and storyline, while the Supply Vault offers a large selection of logos, background patterns, and banners, which can also be downloaded.

Legacy of Time continues the adventures of Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency (TSA), a secret government body responsible for protecting the sanctity of history. As Blackwood, you are in pursuit of the rogue Agent 3, a fugitive colleague who framed you for crimes you did not commit in The Journeyman Project 2: Buried In Time. Your pursuit leads you to the lost civilizations of El Dorado, Shangri-La, and Atlantis where you uncover the secrets of the Earths past and embark on an urgent mission to gather clues critical to the Earths survival.

Legacy of Time features new gameplay and design elements, including a 360-degree spherical panoramic viewpoint, the ability to interact with characters from the ancient past, cinematic cut-scenes, and an engaging sci-fi storyline with integrated puzzles. The game will be released on four hybrid (PC and Macintosh) CD-ROMs in early 1998 for a suggested retail price of $49.95.

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San Diego-based Presto Studios was founded in 1991 by a talented group of close friends determined to make an impact in the gaming industry. Presto is now a software development company known for its engaging photo-realistic games, including the Journeyman Project series of time-travel adventures and Gundam 0079.

Red Orb Entertainment is a division of Broderbund Software, Inc., dedicated exclusively to the development of imaginative, high-quality entertainment software for a broad range of game enthusiasts. In addition to developing entertainment software within the Red Orb Entertainment studio, Red Orb Entertainment publishes entertainment software from several of the industry's leading entertainment software development companies.

Since its founding in 1980, Broderbund has pioneered innovative, award-winning products that take advantage of the latest technologies. Broderbund has a successful track record of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends.

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