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Announces Descent 3 and Descent: FreeSpace -- The Great War

Ann Arbor, MI, December 1, 1997 -- Parallax Software, developer of the smash hits Descent , Descent II , and Descent Maximum, today announced two new games, Descent 3 and Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War, under development for Interplay Productions. Descent 3, a continuation of the series started in 1995, is scheduled for a Christmas 1998 release. Descent: FreeSpace is a space combat game scheduled for release in Spring 1998.

In addition, Parallax founders Matt Toschlog and Mike Kulas announced the formation of two new companies to carry out the development work of Parallax. Outrage Entertainment, Inc. and Volition, Inc. were spun off in a corporate reorganization aimed at increasing the efficiency of the two separate Parallax offices.

"Operating as separate companies allows us to focus more effectively on product development," said Matt Toschlog, president of Outrage. "We're continuing to cooperate to create great new games for Parallax, and we'll have increased flexibility to pursue projects independently."

Said Mike Kulas, president of Volition, "Matt and I had prior experience doing product development across multiple sites and found that it was inefficient. This reorganization will definitely result in greater focus and greater games. We are closely linked electronically, and we share code, artwork and expertise every day."

In addition to working independently on new projects, Outrage and Volition will continue to cooperate on the long-term development of the Descent series.

Descent 3 features the same hair-raising action and excitement as the first two Descent titles, while adding a compelling storyline, an all-new state-of-the-art graphics engine, enhanced enemy AI, and new weapons and powerups. And of course, Descent 3 will feature the best multiplayer action available anywhere.

Descent: FreeSpace is an epic-scale space combat simulator with unprecedented levels of realism and intensity. It features intricately-detailed fighters and bombers, realistic physics, advanced dogfighting, rich and flexible missions, action-driven music, and an integrated story with a branching plotline. Outfit your ship wings for combat, issue orders to wingmen, and engage with gargantuan capital ships in a struggle to survive. The multiplayer features of Descent: FreeSpace will provide a new and amazing environment for both cooperative and Anarchy-style play.

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Outrage Entertainment, Inc., located in Ann Arbor, MI, is wholly owned by Matthew Toschlog, CEO of Parallax. Outrage is currently developing Descent 3 for Parallax Software and Interplay Productions.

Volition, Inc., located in Champaign, IL, is wholly owned by Michael Kulas, president of Parallax. Volition is currently developing Descent: FreeSpace, a new space combat game for Parallax Software and Interplay Productions, and has recently begun work for Parallax on a racing game to be published by Interplay.

Parallax Software Corporation was founded in 1993. Descent (for PC & Mac) was released in 1995. Descent (for Playstation), Descent II (for PC & Mac), and Descent Maximum (for Playstation) were released in 1996.

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