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Prepare for Winter by taking advantage of the limited time FREE offer and start playing the exciting FRPG "Kingdom of Drakkar" today at

You can try MPG-Net out at no risk. You will get the month you signum in FREE, with a valid credit card in your name. After that you will be billed $9.95 for each additional month.

Explore, chat, go on quests and adventure with other players through this rich fantasy kingdom. This graphical 'virtual world' is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enter anytime and immerse yourself. The fun is a mouse-click away!

In the dungeons below Drakkar, goblins hoard treasure and prey on the unsuspecting. Players must band together to face greater dangers, gain experience and grow in power. Explore distant cities in forbidding lands. Ancient creatures lurk in hidden lairs, and regions yet undiscovered await the bravest heroes.

MPG-Net offers unique games for new computer users in an environment that is very user friendly! Player killing is not allowed, and the network maintains a family friendly atmosphere. In addition MPG-Net provides e-mail, forums and chat rooms. All this for $9.95 flat monthly rate. Join today at !

Current Games on MPG-Net Showcase:

The Kingdom of Drakkar: Experience fantasy role-playing at its best in the Kingdom of Drakkar. Choose your character: paladin, mentalist, thief, among many others. Each has its own abilities and advantages. As the lands unfold, you must develop your skills and abilities, gain wealth and power, and acquire magical knowledge that will enable you to withstand the challenges ahead. Team up with players from around the world to explore areas using your enchanted weapons and mystical spells. Objective: To gain character experience and training, therefore becoming eligible for better adventures. Players: No limit of players

Empire Builder: In this exciting adaptation from the Mayfair board game, you capture the entrepreneurial spirit of America and build a railroad empire. You and up to five other railroad tycoons are locked in a power struggle that spans the continent. Build railroads, run trains and make a fortune! Each game is unique. Be a mogul-in-the-making during an era of unprecedented wealth. Objective: The first player to connect five major cities and raise $250 million wins! Players: 6 players maximum per game

Operation Market Garden: This is the riveting adaptation of the classic World War II, two-player GDW board game based on the largest airborne operation in operation in history. Surprise and deception are paramount. You and your opposing commanding general plot strategy, probe enemy positions, and strive to seize the initiative. Pieced together estimates of the enemy strengths and intentions, assume historical importance. Players take on the roles of generals preparing to direct their troops on the most important mission of their career. The details of masking enemy troop movements, resolving combat, and analyzing the availability of troops are handled by the computer system. The players devote their time to planning a winning strategy as they battle to change history. The campaign is incredibly tense, its outcome always in doubt. It takes a great deal of skill and daring to achieve victory in this game. May the best general win. Objective: Allied vs. Axis in tactical combat Players: 2 players

Minion Hunter: In a decaying USA beyond government control, where bandit tribes, street gangs and business cartels parcel out life and death, an even greater evil is spawned. Minions: blood drinkers, flesh eaters, shape changers and soul stealers stalk the land. But sometimes the hunters become the hunted. Join other players cruising the decaying American countryside while you fight for fortune and fame. Objective: To root out and destroy the dark Minions before the country falls into their hands. Players: 1 to 6 players

Imperium: Two galactic civilizations, Terra and the Imperium, rush towards expansion in a finite universe. Conflict and interstellar war are inevitable. A vast armada of starships is at your command as you try to unite the known universe under your control. Objective: Imperials vs. Terran players. Players: 2 players

Backgammon: This is the classic two person strategy boardgame. Match wits and techniques against the players around the world. Objective: The player who first succeeds in removing all his pieces from the board wins the game. Players: 1 or 2

Junta: Welcome to the beautiful Republica de los Bananas. Junta is a game of power, intrigue, money and revolution. In this humorous satire, you and up to six players play the part of wealthy families vying for government control and attempting to siphon foreign aid into their own bank accounts. Objective: The player with the most money in their Swiss bank account at the end of the game is the winner! Players: 2 to 7 players

Future Games coming soon to MPG-Net:

FiefQuest: In this intriguing fantasy strategy game, players will pit their wits and armies against each other by combining military force and diplomacy to win the land. Players begin the game as knights, with limited land and income. They must up their treasury and forces, until they can afford a large army. At this point, they can challenge other players and win gold, a title --- or defeat. FiefQuest is designed to be a continuous game where players try to climb up the social ladder and stay there as long as possible. Objective: To achieve absolute control of a fantasy kingdom, by using one s wits and brute military force. Players: Up to 80 players, then another game will start.

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