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Graphically Stunning Real-Time Adventure CD-ROM Puts Player in Control at Each Twist and Turn

Alameda, CA, October 21, 1997 -- MicroProse, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS:MPRS) announced today the cataclysmic real-time adventure game Dark Earth has shipped to retail stores nationwide. In Dark Earth, players adventure across a 24th-century Earth enshrouded in darkness with the fate of the world and their own lives hanging in the balance. Created by European developer Kalisto Entertainment, Dark Earth promises to stand out among other adventure titles on the market because players control the destiny of mankind with each real-time character interaction and combat move they make within an evolving, visually stunning environment.

"Dark Earth is a ground-breaking real-time adventure game representing the next generation for this genre," said Derek McLeish, senior vice president, marketing at MicroProse. "Players will see the difference in interactivity between Dark Earth and other old-school adventure titles. Unlike other adventure games, Dark Earth compels the player to solve the game quickly or else. In addition, it offers the player the freedom of action to explore the world without artificial constraints."

Story Line

The Earth is blanketed by dark clouds of dust -- the result of hundreds of devastating asteroid collisions in the year 2054. The denizens of the Dark Earth have formed primitive cities beneath mystical shafts of sunlight which pierce the clouds. As Arkhan, an elite Guardian of the Fire in the city of Sparta, players race against time, battling both human and inhuman foes to save themselves and Sparta from the forces of evil and eternal darkness.

Game Play

Players encounter challenge after challenge as they interact with more than 100 beautifully modeled 3-D characters in 250 pre-rendered animated scenes in this Windows 95 CD-ROM. Differentiating itself from other adventure games, Arkhan's mood, set by the player, will affect the outcome of encounters with other Dark Earth characters. Featuring a tantalizing mix of character interaction, combat and time pressure, Dark Earth provides constant, engaging gameplay.

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MicroProse is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for use on CD-ROM-based personal computers. The company is also developing software for the use on next generation 32/64-bit console machines, the Internet and online gaming services. The company has five development studios located in: Alameda, California; Hunt Valley, Maryland; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Austin, Texas and Chipping Sodbury, England. Products are available nationally and internationally and are sold through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants.

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