HEAT exclusive Quake Mods - Da Bomb

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Work with your squad to blast your way into your opponent's base, drop your bomb and run like hell. Take multi-player mayhem to the next level as you plan and execute missions with your teammates and master exclusive levels created and optimized for Internet gameplay.


  • 7 totally new levels including the Novosibirisk Submarine Base, the Tereshkova Orbital Space Station, and the Loud Mouth Canyon.
  • Breakable objects, automated gun turrets, and alias support to speed console commands.
  • Unique weapons and artifacts such as rocket boots, molotov cocktails, and an E-kit that allows you to take command of automated turrets and defuse or reset bombs.
  • Extensive game stats track frags, deaths, saves, and bomb possession time for each player, team and game.
  • Persistent teams - Da Bomb retains team information between maps.
  • Customizable colors - Wear your own colors in addition to your team colors.
  • Female player support - change gender to "female" and all text references for that player become feminine.

All you need to do to get Da Bomb is:

    1. log into HEAT at www.heat.net
    2. navigate to the Quake: Da Bomb game page
    3. click "PLAY NOW"
    4. click "CREATE AREA" or highlight a game area and click "ENTER AREA".

This will automatically update your Quake files. Don't worry, it won't mess with your normal Quake settings. The download will take about 35 minutes on a 28.8 modem.

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