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Eagerly Anticipated Title Marks First SingleTrac Release Since Acquisition By GT Interactive

New York, NY, November 19, 1997 -- Endorsed by glowing critical acclaim and fervent consumer anticipation, GT Interactive Software Corp. (NASDAQ:GTIS) announces the release this week of its first SingleTrac title, Critical Depth. SingleTrac has brought the immersive and intense brand of game play that made SingleTrac designed games like Twisted Metal and Jet Moto best-sellers, below sea level for single and multi-player combat amid 10 expansive environments rendered in true real-time 3D graphics.

"Critical Depth delivers every bit of the lightning-fast game play, adrenaline-pumping combat and fresh creative characters of the legendary Twisted Metal series, and adds to it a lavishly rendered 3D underwater environment," said Holly Newman, vice president of Marketing for GT Interactive. "Critical Depth is proof once again, that SingleTrac is an industry leader in pushing the envelope for gaming."

According to PS Extreme magazine (November): "With Critical Depth, SingleTrac continues to do what they do best - making addicting, high-quality, action-oriented PlayStation games, hallelujah!" In addition, GamePro (November) wrote of Critical Depth: "Get ready to twist some undersea metal. Cool ships, rockin' explosions, and creepy underwater lands await you...water you waitin' for?"

Critical Depth submerges players into a deadly quest to recover an ancient monolith recently discovered on the ocean floor. Was the monolith left by aliens, as many have speculated, or could it be a powerful artifact from the lost continent of Atlantis? Regardless of origin, an artifact with such tremendous potential has drawn the attention of governments and madmen across the globe, and has them literally dying to retrieve it.

Critical Depth's fast and furious game play may be experienced in any one of more than a dozen different vehicles with ultra-realistic underwater controls, special weaponry and combo moves. In the quest to obtain the coveted monolith, players must battle fierce competitors and powerful sea creatures that inhabit the deep. Each of the lavish underwater environments contains a series of pods that are required to energize the passageways between levels, with the ultimate prize hidden somewhere on the final level. The latest information on Critical Depth may be found at on the World Wide Web.

Critical Depth will be available for the Sony Playstation on November 21 at an expected retail price of $49.95.

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Headquartered in NY, GT Interactive Software Corp. is a leading global publisher of entertainment and edutainment software under the GT Interactive, Cavedog Entertainment and SingleTrac brands for personal computers as well as video game systems from Sony, Nintendo and Sega. MacSoft is the company's industry-leading Macintosh software brand. GT Interactive is also a leader in value-priced software under the WizardWorks, CompuWorks and Slash brands.

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