Eidos Interactive Acquires Exclusive PC Rights to Epic Role-Playing Game Final Fantasy VII

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San Francisco, CA, December 5, 1997 -- Eidos Interactive, (NASDAQ:EIDSY) a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products, today announced an agreement with Square Co., Ltd., a premiere home video game software developer and publisher, to acquire the exclusive North American and European rights to publish Final Fantasy VII for the PC, the latest installment from the best selling role-playing video game franchise. Established in 1986, Square Co., Ltd. has achieved "million seller" status for many video game series, led by the acclaimed Final Fantasy series. First debuting the franchise on the NES Nintendo console in 1987, Square earned its reputation as a leader in role-playing games. More recently, Square successfully released Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation with more than 3.2 million units sold in Japan, making Final Fantasy VII the best-selling video game on the PlayStation platform.

Allowing personal computer gamers to experience this epic role-playing title for the first time, Eidos and Square will debut the PC version of Final Fantasy VII in the middle of 1998. Square will join Eidos' impressive cadre of partners including wholly-owned development studio Core Design, ION Storm and recently signed Mucky Foot, furthering Eidos' commitment to signing on top tier developers.

"Final Fantasy VII represents the highest quality in gaming," said Charles Cornwall, CEO of Eidos. "Eidos is very proud to establish this relationship with Square."

"Eidos has had a great success in PC title sales, and its distribution and marketing are exemplary," said Hironobu Sakaguchi of Square. "Our alliance for Final Fantasy VII brings together the best talents in the business."

Final Fantasy VII is the story of an evil power company, Shinra Inc., which has found a way to mine life energy, draining it from the planet and using it to control the universe. A resistance organization named the AVALANCHE has vowed to put an end to Shinra's destructive urges. Players assume the role of Cloud, an ex-Shinra SOLDIER, who teams up with AVALANCHE in an attempt to stop the destruction. Along the way, Cloud encounters mysterious and powerful allies, helping fight the deadly creatures Shinra has created.

A highly detailed and graphically rich game, Final Fantasy VII contains hundreds of pre-rendered computer-generated backgrounds and features real-time battles, vast map screens and a complex and engrossing story-line.

Published on three CDs, Final Fantasy VII will be one of the largest and most richly detailed gaming experiences ever created.

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Square Soft, Inc., a subsidiary of Square Co. Ltd., Japan, manages the publishing and development of video games in North America. The company was established in 1989 in Redmond, Wash., and relocated its headquarters to Costa Mesa, Calif., in July 1996.

Eidos Interactive develops and publishes interactive entertainment products for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, as well as the Internet. Eidos Interactive is part of London-based Eidos plc (NASDAQ:EIDSY) with offices in San Francisco; Paris; and Hamburg, Germany.

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