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Latest Product from Jane's Combat Simulations Brand Offers Cutting-Edge Graphics Engine and Multi-Player Support for the Ultimate Combat Sim Experience

Austin, TX, November 13, 1997 -- Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS), a leading global interactive entertainment software company, today began shipping Longbow 2, the cutting-edge sequel to AH-64D Longbow, 1996's undisputed flight sim of the year. Longbow 2 is published under Electronic Arts' Jane's Combat Simulations brand, which delivers authenticity and realism to the simulation experience. Jane's is a leading provider of defense-related information to the world's militaries, governments and businesses.

Longbow 2 features an all-new, cutting-edge graphics engine that's second to none. The revolutionary graphics offer photorealistic flight visuals with eight times the detail of the original Longbow, plus dynamic lighting effects that bring night mission realism to unprecedented levels. The game supports 3Dfx accelerator cards, which along with 3-D virtual cockpits and explosive battlefield sounds, provide an incredibly immersive combat experience.

Longbow 2 brings the multi-player simulation experience to new levels. It supports cooperative (pilot/copilot-gunner or separate aircraft), team and head-to-head play via a Local Area Network (four players), Internet, modem or serial cable (two players). For increased mission variety players also have the option to fly multiple helicopters including the Kiowa scout (for reconnaissance missions), the Black Hawk (for troop transport) and of course, the Longbow attack gunship itself. Longbow 2 has limitless replayability as players can fly Longbow 2's dynamic campaign engine that generates a new war every time the player begins a battle in either solo or multi-player flight modes. Campaign missions take place at two locations: Azerbaijan in the Middle East and the Army's National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, California.

"Longbow 2 gives players the ultimate combat sim experience," says Executive Producer Andy Hollis. "The awesome new graphics engine is a visual feast for the player, while the dynamic campaign, multiple helicopter types and the comprehensive multi-player support gives an endless variety of gameplay experiences. In short, Longbow 2 has it all."

Of course players get the staples that made the original Longbow a classic: advanced physics and avionics modeling, realistic artificial intelligence (AI) systems and an interactive Jane's reference guide. Hollis and his Austin-based Jane's development team have also included an updated version of the highly informative and user-friendly tutorials from the first Longbow. Players of all skill levels can fly step-by-step missions with an interactive instructor. The tutorial missions provide all the skills the player needs to survive in combat-from basic flight to advanced combat tactics.

Longbow 2 is available now with an expected retail price of US$50-$60. More information on Longbow 2 can be found on the Internet at the Jane's Combat Simulations Web Site.

Also shipping is The Official Guide to Longbow 2, a 304-page book that includes a full-color campaign map, intelligence files on enemy equipment and vehicles, playtester tips, multi-player combat strategies and detailed briefings and maps for single and special missions. Expected retail price of the guide book is US$16-$20.

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Electronic Arts, headquartered in San Mateo, California, is a leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, EA posted revenues of $625 million for fiscal 1997. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for personal computers and advanced entertainment systems such as the PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. Electronic Arts markets its products worldwide under six brand names: Electronic Arts, EA SPORTS, Maxis, Inc., ORIGIN Systems Inc., Bullfrog Productions Ltd. and Jane's Combat Simulations. EA has international subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The Company has North American development operations in San Mateo and Walnut Creek, Calif.; Baltimore, Maryland; Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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