Myth: The Fallen Lords Ships!

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Chicago, IL, November 14, 1997 -- Myth: The Fallen Lords, Bungie's breakthrough game of real-time fantasy warfare in a true 3D environment, is now available on the shelves of software stores across the country. A simultaneous, cross-platform release, both Win95 and MacOS versions began selling briskly about a week before the expected release date. More than one retailer has told us they sold out in less than an hour.

Meanwhile, thousands of users are taking their first newbie steps in multiplayer games with both the demo and full versions. To see how many people are playing the demo and find out what they think, download the demo and log onto

Of course, hit games come out all the time. But when's the last time a small company...

1) both developed and published a major entertainment title
2) shipped it simultaneously for Windows 95 and Mac OS, a week earlier than expected
3) provided customers with a free, cross-platform Internet game server from day one
4) developed a AAA, genre-bending title with three programmers and three artists
5) did all of the above without outside financing

Give up? The answer is "never". Bungie Software's achievement with Myth: The Fallen Lords is a first for the industry and a harbinger of greater things to come. The engine for this game was designed from the beginning to be easily modified and extended, and if its early success is any indication, Myth: The Fallen Lords will be making waves with computer gamers for some time to come.

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