Bungie's "Myth: The Fallen Lords" Ships 350,000

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Chicago, IL, December 9, 1997 -- Bungie Software proudly announces the worldwide shipment of nearly 350,000 copies of their new game Myth: The Fallen Lords.

Bungie's much-anticipated take on real-time strategy games has been hailed as a revolution for the genre, and gamers across the globe are consuming copies as fast as they can be produced. This game marks a bold step toward Bungie's goal of being a cross-platform, multinational entertainment software producer of the top rank.

Myth: The Fallen Lords is a rare example of a game shipping simultaneously not only for both the Windows 95 and MacOS platforms, but also in a German version, with Japanese and French versions close behind. Though Bungie has formed partnerships with powerful allies like Eidos Interactive to ensure that foreign markets have full access to the game, North American distribution remains in the hands of their internal publishing machine. Like the development team, the publishing and marketing unit is a small group of people who know how to make a very big impact.

"Myth's sales jumped off the line on day one and haven't let up since," said Jerry Madaio, Director/Senior Buyer for Electronics Boutique. Bungie's Marathon games were huge on the Mac platform, and now Myth: The Fallen Lords has shown us that their games are just as popular with PC users.

Instrumental in the conquest is bungie.net, the free Internet gaming service maintained by Bungie as a place for players to create and join multiplayer battles. As multiplayer play is a core element of the game, bungie.net affords an easy way to track the game's success. bungie.net is already nearing current capacity and Phase II is underway to handle the anticipated demand of the holiday season.

Since the game's release, tens of thousands of users have registered accounts and can be seen competing in bloody contests at all hours. bungie.net's website boasts the Leader Board, where at any time one can learn who, out of all of these thousands, is the highest ranked player in the world.

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