Blizzard Entertainment Moves Starcraft Release Date to January

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Irvine, CA, December 9, 1997 -- Blizzard Entertainment announced today that Starcraft, the company's highly anticipated real-time strategy game, will release in late January. The game, which was originally slated as a holiday title, is still expected to sell-in 600,000 copies domestically and more than 1 million copies worldwide.

Said Bob McKenzie, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Babbages Etc., "Missing Christmas will not negatively affect a AAA title like Starcraft. The software industry needs to become a year-round business, instead of only focusing on the holiday-selling season. We are excited about starting off the new year with such an anticipated title on store shelves."

Said Allen Adham, president and founder of Blizzard Entertainment, "While we understand that releasing games during the holiday-selling season is very important in our industry, StarCraft is a project that has been two years in the making. It would be an injustice to customers, retailers and our development team to ship the game before it is ready."

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Best known for the number-one selling Warcraft series and the blockbuster hit Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment is a premier publisher of entertainment software, and a division of CUC Software, subsidiary of CUC International Inc. (NYSE: CU).

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