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3-D Accelerated Game Hits North American Retail Shelves Week of December 15

Santa Monica, CA, December 11, 1997 -- Currently one of the best-selling Sony PlayStation titles this fall, Activision's (Nasdaq:ATVI) Nightmare Creatures unleashes its macabre, terror-ridden world on the PC when the game hits stores throughout the United States and Canada the week of December 15. Nightmare Creatures for the PC features a number of new enhancements, including Direct3D compatibility, 16-bit graphics, multiple resolutions and faster load times. The game will be available for Windows 95 and will carry a suggested retail price of $49.95.

"With the number of new enhancements to the PC version of Nightmare Creatures, we expect to receive a very enthusiastic response from PC gamers," explains Robert A. Kotick, president and CEO of Activision, Inc. "Nightmare Creatures redefines the action/adventure genre by allowing players to combat terrifying monsters with incredible weapons and special moves as they explore a dark Gothic world."

Nightmare Creatures plunges players into the underworld of fog-shrouded, 19th century London and challenges them to uncover the secret of a mysterious cult. Using a wide variety of hand-held weapons, firearms and magic spells, players must eradicate dozens of ungodly monsters that are lurking in the city's sewers and back alleys.

As they delve into Nightmare Creatures, players learn that a man named Adam Crowley seeks to revive a secret society known as the Brotherhood of Hecate. As a result of Crowley's experiments, the streets of London are swarming with monsters. Players control one of two powerful heroes - the noble monk Ignatius or the agile, seductive Nadia - as they battle the horrifying creatures and attempt to rid the city of evil.

The game features 16 expansive levels of true 3-D, authentically patterned sewers, cemeteries, castles and streets which may be explored with complete freedom. Kalisto's proprietary LibSys 3-D technology enables dynamic lighting, rich textures, stunning transparencies and revolutionary multi-point collision detection that allows gamers to hack the heads, arms and legs off of their enemies. In addition to running an accelerated version, Nightmare Creatures can also be played without a hardware accelerator card.

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Kalisto is an independent game developer based in Bordeaux, France. Kalisto has international marketing and business development offices n the United States, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. Originally founded in 1990 by Nicolas Gaume under the name of Atreid Concept, the company joined the Pearson Group at the end of 1994 working as a development studio for Mindscape, Inc. After two successful years of collaboration, a desire by each partner to follow different strategies lead Nicolas Gaume to buy back the company in November 1996. Past products include Pac in Time, Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing and Savage Warriors. Products in development include Dark Earth, a real time adventure; the 3-D action game Nightmare Creatures; Ultim@te Race, a multiplayer arcade style racing game; and Fifth Element, an action game based on the movie license.

Activision, Inc. is a worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for Microsoft Windows compatible personal computers, as well as Sony PlayStation, Nintendo and Sega game systems. Activision is headquartered in Santa Monica with offices in Madison, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia.

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