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The skies over Europe and Africa challenged the brave pilots of World War II to use their strategic skill, weapons mastery and derring-do in brutal airborne combat. Through their struggle, the freedom of our skies, and our lands, was secured. Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe is dedicated to their memory.

Santa Monica, CA, October 14, 1997 -- Hailed by Leonard Hjalmarson at as "the best commercial site I have yet seen dedicated to a single simulation," Activision Inc.' s (Nasdaq: AVTI) Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe Web site delivers an authentic 1940s feel. Infused with historic realism, the site offers a number of unique features that recreate the sounds and sights of the era through music, stock footage, maps and plane models. Conceived and produced by Activision and developed by Cybernation, the Fighter Squardron page is located on Activision's web site at

Setting the mood for the site, Royal Crown Revue, a modern swing band, provided both original compositions of O40s-style tunes and covers of then- popular songs. Stock sounds such as a crackling radio and rapid gun fire further augment the aural experience.

Visitors can feel the thrill of WWII aerial combat by watching documentary footage that has been integrated throughout the site. More than five minutes of film has been taken from the 1940s propaganda movie "The Fight for the Sky." The vintage movie was created by the United States Air Force in an effort to demonstrate the patriotism and airmanship of the WWII pilots.

To deliver a visually authentic experience, the designers careful researched WWII-era planes and troop movement maps, and accurately reproduced the images on the site. Also enhancing the site's overall look are replicas of War-era newspapers and '40s advertisements.

Set in the fiercest airwar scenarios of the Second World War, Activision's Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe brings the white- knuckle warfare of up-close aerial combat to unmatched levels of realism, excitement and graphical excellence. Developed by Parsoft Interactive, Fighter Squadron features stunning graphical detail, live environments and one of the most sophisticated physics model ever developed for a combat flight simulation. Fighter Squadron is slated to ship this winter for the suggested retail price of $49.95.

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Activision, Inc. is a publicly held developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS compatible, Macintosh and other computers, as well as Sony PlayStation, Sega and Nintendo game systems. Activision is headquartered in Santa Monica with offices in Madison, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia.

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