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San Mateo, CA, October 22, 1997 -- Cyclone Studios is proud to announce two new additions to its growing Uprising universe. The first is an awesome Windows desktop theme created by one of our very own in-house Wraith commanders. This is as close as you can get to playing the game at work without your boss wanting you to "Join the work force or Die!". It has all the sounds that you've come to know and live from Uprising, all in one tidy zipped package. It is your duty as members of the resistance to download it at: https://www.3do.com/uprising/dlframe.htm (requires Microsoft Plus Pack).

In addition, we are also pleased to inform you of our new "top-secret" shock wave enhanced Uprising page. The address is ordinarily reserved for Wraith commanders who have signed up to "Join Or Die" on the Official Uprising web site, but news has come from high up in command that you are people that can be trusted. Spread the word among your legions quickly, as the entire war may hang in the balance: https://www.3do.com/uprising/wraithdog.htm.

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