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New York, NY and Bet Shemesh, Israel, October, 1997 -- 2AM has just released an initial version of 2AM Internet Poker. 2AM's poker captures the excitement of playing community poker with up to 6 other people across the Internet.

Rather than being limited to a handful of standard games, this game offers the infinite variety of Dealer's Choice poker. Dealers create games on the fly by piecing together dealing hands - up, down, blind, Indian and community cards - with wild cards, betting, draws, guts showdowns and all the other community poker elements that have made this game such a favorite. All the standard games will come pre-built.

Like all of 2AM's games Poker is a graphically rich and animated environment which integrates complete chat facilities. Full interaction with real people in the best tradition of Poker is now available on the net.

The 2AM Internet Game Club at https://www.2amgames.com also offers 7 Internet multiplayer games besides poker. The first 2 hours of play at the club are completely FREE.

Founding membership at the 2AM Game Club sells for an introductory price of $30 and allows unlimited play of all the games till the end of 1997. A new pricing model whereby players buy a game once and play on-line for free will soon replace this.

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2AM is a leading provider of multiplayer online games whose innovative Creation games platform expedites the development of complex, graphics-rich, Internet-based games. 2AM's mission is to create games that provide compelling and meaningful social interaction while attracting people from around the world to the 2AM Game Club for real-time competition and fun.

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