February 1995 NEWS

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Sanctuary Woods has released a new version of the all successful game "The Journeyman Project" called "The Journeyman Project Turbo". The game is now 300 times faster than the original version. The biggest criticism about the original version was the speed. Therefore the developers at Presto Studios decided to optimize it. The game features photo realistic graphics with animations, 3D images, music and videos that provide the player with hours of entertainment on a travel through time. Its sequel, "Burried in Time" will be out sometime this summer and it looks just great! So, we will wait and see.

If you thought that either "Battle Isle 2" or "Battle Island 2200", depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you live on, was too short, then cheer up! Why? Because the first scenery called "Titan's Legacy" is now available! In fact, it is more than a scenery disk. First, it is CD-ROM only and comes on two CD's. Titan's best feature is of course the network function and the null modem support. The scenery features 16 new computer maps, 10 new multi-players' maps and adds 6 new units. The speed was increased by 30% and the scenery now only requires 550 kilobytes of main memory. Blue Byte's artists have created over 50 dazzling cinematic sequences, and musicians wrote new compositions for an even better experience. Last but not least, each version comes with a 2-player license, which is quite rare in the video games industry!

March 1995 will see the release of Pinball Fantasies Deluxe with the addition of 4 new tables (Jackpot, Jail Break, Tarantula and Kick Off) to the 4 original tables included in Pinball Fantasies. Each table enables play up to 8 players, features its very own soundtrack and includes a multi-ball bonus!


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