Westwood Casts a Spell on Gamers with the Release of Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny

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This Fall's Most Anticipated Role-Playing Game Is Now Available at Retail

Las Vegas, NV, September 29, 1997 -- From the depths of dungeons to the far reaches of the Southern Continent, the quest to rid Luther of his curse begins today as Westwood Studios announced the release of Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny, the long-awaited sequel to Lands of Lore Throne of Chaos. After four years of development, Guardians of Destiny is now available at retailers worldwide.

Guardians of Destiny reveals a rich and detailed story, with players assuming the role of Luther, who is both blessed and cursed by an uncontrollable transformation between beast, man and something in between. In a ironic twist, Luther finds himself on a quest to rid himself of this magical power or be destroyed by it. His journey takes him through the many realms of the Lands including the mighty Claw Mountains, the Huline Jungles, Halls of the Forgotten, and the mysterious City of the Ancients.

"We've created the game that our fans have been asking for and it will be well worth the wait," stated Louis J. Castle, executive vice president and co-founder of Westwood Studios. "Guardians of Destiny promises to deliver one of the most fantastic RPG experiences in the history of the genre."

Guardians of Destiny contains more than 120 hours of exploration, puzzle solving and combat on four CD-ROMs. The game also features high resolution, polygon-based graphics, true dynamic lighting, MMX support and more than four hours of video. SVGA graphics will be supported by both MS-DOS and Windows 95.

System Requirements

Guardians of Destiny is available for PCs equipped with a Pentium processor, Windows 95 , DOS, 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM, 4X CD-ROM and 120 MB of free hard drive space. The game supports Microsoft DirectDraw compatible video cards, Microsoft DirectSound and SoundBlaster compatible sound cards.


Guardians of Destiny is now available at all major software outlets. The product can also be ordered directly from Westwood via the company's Web Site, or by calling 1-800-874-4607. Virgin Interactive is the exclusive worldwide distributor for all Westwood Studios' products.

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Westwood Studios is a prominent publisher of best-selling PC, Macintosh and next-generation console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood Studios has released several popular titles including: Dune II, Lands of Lore, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Monopoly for the Internet and the Command & Conquer product line, which has sold over 6 million units worldwide since its debut in 1995.

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