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Castlevania, Konami's Popular Dracula Hunting Adventure, Continues for PlayStation

Buffalo Grove, IL, October 1, 1997 -- Konami of America, Inc., the leading developer of electronic entertainment for the home video game and coin-op markets, announces the shipping of Castlevania-Symphony of the Night for Sony PlayStation.

Castlevania-Symphony of the Night features all the action expected from this classic Konami franchise. The game follows Alucard, the half-human/half-vampire, as he strives to end the vampire bloodline by exploring the vault-like castle and finding magical spells. Just when gamers think they've finished, they find that they are far from completing the game. There are extra secrets and additional items to find. For example, upon finding appropriate mystical abilities, players can transform Alucard into a bat, wolf or mist to fight with wicked bosses and accomplish his mission.

PlayStation Magazine's October 1997 issue claims Castlevania is "one of the best video games ever-period. The graphics are gothic beauty. The music sounds like a movie score. The concept is as good as ever. I'll play it until my eyes bleed. This game is so enormously huge and so incredibly deep, we've been playing it nearly every night for months and we're still not convinced that we've uncovered all of it's secrets!"

The September 1997 issue of Game Pro states Castlevania makes "a superb debut on the PlayStation, with all the elements that made the series the classic it is today...and more! Run-don't walk-to get this...It's one Symphony worth attending." Die Hard Game Fan stated in the April 1997 edition, "the control is utter perfection, to the point of pure gaming bliss;" while the October 1997 Game Informer agrees, "this is easily the best Castlevania title yet. It's an outstanding quest to say the least."

"Fans of Castlevania have been crying out for a PlayStation version for a while, and Konami is proud to announce that it's now available," said Mark Porwit, vice president, Planning. "With a CD-quality musical score that sets the tone while playing and some of the most beautiful art ever seen, Castlevania-Symphony of the Night is the most expressive and impressive Castlevania game ever."

"This is the 10th anniversary of the original Castlevania," notes Randy Severin, senior product manager. "This new version takes the series over the edge. The graphics, the story, the tried-and-true gameplay, make this the best game in the series."

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Konami of America, Inc. is a leading developer of electronic entertainment properties, specializing in the home video game and coin-operated markets. In addition to the Konami Sports Series, which includes NBA In The Zone, MLBPA Bottom of the 9TH, International Track & Field, The Final Round and Goal Storm, Konami's consumer titles include Castlevania and Contra, among other top sellers. Konami's coin-op legacy includes such hits as Run and Gun 2 and Crypt Killer. Konami of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Konami Co., Ltd., a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan.

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