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Innovative Action-Strategy Game Delivers Groundbreaking Internet Warfare

Santa Monica, CA, September 17, 1997 -- Prepare for Internet warfare! The downloadable demo of NetStorm, Activision, Inc.'s highly anticipated real-time action strategy game will be available tomorrow, Thursday, September 18, on the Activision Web site. The NetStorm demo offers six early missions, three single-player missions and groundbreaking multiplayer play. The release of the demo follows an immensely successful and well-received online Beta test of the game. The full version of the game, which is developed by Titanic Entertainment and published by Activision, Inc., will be available in retail stores this Fall.

"NetStorm has been designed from the ground up for multiplayer Internet warfare," states Bobby Kotick, Chairman and CEO, Activision, Inc. "The demo's advanced features include virtually no lag, effortless player matching and true alliances, and players will be given a unique online gaming experience that encourages long-term strategizing and planning."

The NetStorm demo allows players a chance to familiarize themselves with the game's unique game mechanics and units in six early missions and three single-player campaign missions. Players can then test their wartime acumen in multiplayer mode as they challenge other players to dominate the skies through island-to-island warfare using a variety of storm-powered units including the Sun Cannon, Sun Barricade, the Whirligig and Disc Throwers.

NetStorm transports players to the world of Nimbus, an island in the sky which is their means to stratospheric domination. Using an array of fantastic weapons, players assault island after neighboring island as they attempt to capture each island's High Priest. Only by sacrificing enemy High Priests can players attain the knowledge to create more powerful weapons and rule the heavens.

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Titanic Entertainment, Inc. is an experienced developer dedicated to creating the finest multiplayer games possible.

Activision, Inc. is a publicly held developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS compatible, Macintosh and other computers, as well as Sony PlayStation, Sega and Nintendo game systems. Activision is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Madison, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia.

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