Sega Entertainment Kicks Realistic Soccer Action To The PC With "Worldwide Soccer"

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Redwood City, CA, September 3, 1997 -- Heads-up soccer fans. Sega Entertainment, Inc. (SEI) is bringing all the rivalry, victory and defeat from soccer fields around the world to the PC with its latest release, Worldwide Soccer. With customized features such as four-player network play, personalized team creation and online chat, Worldwide Soccer provides intense gameplay sports fans and soccer buffs will love -- and no one has to put on cleats!

Worldwide Soccer kicks the true-to-life experience to your desktop with authentic gameplay, 3D graphics, unique 360 degree camera angles, on-the-fly color commentary and instant replay options that will leave soccer fans wanting more. Gameplay begins with 48 of the toughest teams in the world, five playing modes ranging from Exhibition to the Worldwide Cup, and real-time network play via LAN, modem, serial link and the Internet.

Gamers can even re-live their greatest triumphs by using the "golden goal" instant replay feature, which enables you to save your most impressive goal to the hard drive and upload it during chat mode or post it on the Internet. Gamers can use chat to find opponents or taunt competitors throughout the game. In addition, a multi-language feature allows for play in English, Spanish, German and French.

"Worldwide Soccer combines the authentic sports action Sega is known for with non-stop gaming that anyone in the family can play and enjoy," said Jill Braff, director of marketing, SEI. "In fact, PC game reviewers are already calling Worldwide Soccer the best soccer game on the market."

Cobi Jones, midfielder for the Los Angeles Galaxy and the U.S. National Soccer Team, has been working with SEI throughout the development of Worldwide Soccer to ensure the complete authenticity of the title. With four World Cup appearances, Cobi knows what it takes to bring all the stats, moves and excitement from the soccer field straight to the PC.

"Sega and I have worked very hard to make this game as real as possible; from the offense to the defense, it is just like playing in international competition," said Jones. "Aside from actually being on the field, nothing I have seen compares to the true-to-life soccer experience found in Worldwide Soccer."

True to all Sega Sports games, realism is key. Worldwide Soccerfeatures detailed polygon-based characters and motion-captured animation with all the moves true to actual players. In addition, you can customize your own game on the PC by using the stat tracking feature with 25 categories to help select individual players, evaluate their moves, and factor in suspensions and injuries to create the ultimate offensive and defensive team set-up.

Worldwide Soccer will be available for $39.99 nationwide starting this week, and operates on a minimum specification of a 90 Mhz Pentium with memory of 16 MB. Worldwide Soccer lets players use a keyboard or any Windows 95 compatible peripheral.

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Sega Entertainment, Inc. was founded in April of 1996, and aims to bring 3D polygon-based action/arcade, racing and sports gaming to the PC. Leveraging Sega's arcade leadership and library of game content, the company is committed to redefining the PC gaming experience with titles featuring high frame rates, 3D characters and environments, high polygon counts, detailed texture mapping, mulitplayer online gaming and emotion-triggered gameplay that is unmatched by competing action/arcade PC games. Sega Entertainment, Inc. was formed through a joint venture between Sega of America and SOFTBANK Holdings, Inc.

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