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Missions Feature Single and Multiplayer Levels for Gunslingers
With a Hankering for Frontier Justice

San Rafael, CA, August 28, 1997 -- WANTED: The fastest guns in the West for LucasArts Entertainment Company's Handful of Missions, a pistol-packing new collection of nine single and multiplayer levels for the popular spaghetti western-inspired game Outlaws. Handful of Missions requires a retail version of Outlaws and is available free to present and future players one of two ways: As a download from the LucasArts website on August 28th or via a CD-ROM disc through a mail-in coupon, available at retail in early September.

Handful of Missions is set in a time period years before Outlaws. A young James Anderson is serving as a government agent and receiving assignments from the attorney general.

Four thrilling single player missions are featured:

Civil War - Outlaws hero James Anderson is sent behind enemy lines to capture Sam Kenny, a thieving renegade masquerading as a lieutenant in the confederate army. Kenny and his men ride into battles and loot the unfortunate towns that are caught in the war zone.
Wharf Town - William "Billy Bear" Dorsey and his gang of river raiders are terrorizing a Missouri wharf town. Anderson must capture Dorsey and bring order to the town.
Spanish Villa - "Spooky" Patrick Crow and his gang are holed-up in a Spanish villa. Anderson's mission is to bring Crow in dead or alive.
Ice Caves - Former confederate soldier Charlie Ford and his gang are have fled to a hideout in the Rocky Mountains to avoid prosecution for war crimes. Anderson must pursue them through frigid ice caves and bring them to justice.

Five new multiplayer levels highlight Handful of Missions:

Bunkers - A multiplayer arena inspired by Civil War trench battles.
Buckshotville - A battlefield in a war-torn Civil War-era town.
Hargrove's Pattern Repair - An all-out head-to-head melee which places players in an abandoned warehouse.
Orleans - A multi-tiered level that places players in buildings, on docks and under water.
Thud's Tower - A gothic maze and tower arena within a wild-west setting.

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LucasArts Entertainment Company develops and publishes interactive entertainment software for a variety of computer and console platforms. Based in San Rafael, California, as well as on the internet, LucasArts is one of three Lucas companies. Lucas Digital Ltd., comprised of Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound, serves the needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects and audio post-production. Lucasfilm Ltd. includes George Lucas' feature film and television activities, as well as THX and Lucasfilm Licensing.

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