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Your chance to compete across the Globe!!

Schaumburg, IL, August 1997 -- As if to prove that no genre is safe from its mighty reach, Blue Byte Software has announced the development of a next-generation tennis game, titled GAME, NET & MATCH! Having previously enjoyed the incredible success of the Pro Tennis Tour series (513,000 copies sold world-wide!) Blue Byte's latest title will not only offer tremendous gameplay, stunning graphics and extremely advanced artificial intelligence, but also support an Internet server especially created to host large, international tournaments (hence the "Net" of the title). Take part or simply tune-in to watch the best of the best from around the world!

An unbelievable variety of play is available to the user, allowing you to play basic single matches, embark upon detailed training programmes, or take the plunge and prove your worth in spectacular tournaments played over a number of days. The Blue Byte Internet-Tennis-Server can be used to organise and host such events, using similar tournament designs to the famous models of Wimbledon, Flushing Meadow and Melbourne. The server also updates the results regularly to provide the basis for actual world rankings

Over a hundred different male and female computer opponents stand ready to challenge you in GAME, NET AND MATCH! as you progress from court novice to international pro, each with varying strengths and personal profiles. Play is augmented by in-game commentary and umpire calls, as well as atmospheric incidentals such as accurate crowd reactions. Smash that lob and watch the on-lookers go wild!

An ultra-realistic and finely-tuned control system allows the user to play with an incredible level of professionalism; producing slices, lobs and smashes via joystick or pad, as well as performing special moves to deal with specific situations. And throughout play, ALL the action is realised using Blue Byte's incredibly slick 3D engine, with fast and fluid animations - all in HiColour.


- Intel MMX Technology
- 3DFx Interactive Voodoo Graphics technology
- Local Network games
- Blue Byte Internet-Tennis-Server

Available first Quarter of 1998 on PC CD-ROM

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