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Groundbreaking New Football Title Hits Store Shelves This Weekend

San Jose, CA, August 27, 1997 - Accolade's most anticipated football game has released -- Legends Football '98! The game will arrive on store shelves this weekend, making it the first new football game of the '98 football season.

"This release will launch what we believe will be the most successful football franchise in the market," said Jim Barnett, president and CEO of Accolade, Inc.

Legends Football '98 will include all 30 modern NFL teams and more than 1,500 players. In addition to modern-day play, the game delivers teams and football action from each of three key legendary eras in NFL history: 1932, 1950 and 1968, for a combined total of 76 teams. Each era has unique rules, regulations, uniforms, stadiums, and roster sizes and the game allows you to "time travel" to create fantasy football match-ups.

The game includes an entirely new 3D engine featuring unlimited camera angles and a lightning-fast frame rate. As made popular by other Accolade sports games, play construction and play book editors are included, allowing gamers to create a custom play book. Drafting, trading and statistical tracking are available in single game, full season and career modes.

Legends Football '98 is currently available for personal computers running Windows 95. System requirements include: IBM or compatible computer, Windows 95, 486-66 Mhz (Pentium 90 and above recommended), 8MB RAM, and 2X CD-ROM. All major soundcards and gamepads, mouse, keyboard and joystick are supported. Multiplayer support for up to eight players is available via Microsoft's SideWinder Game Pad and the Gravis Grip.

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Founded in 1984, Accolade, Inc., publishes action, sports and strategy games for multimedia personal computers, the Internet and the Sony PlayStationT game console. Leading titles from Accolade include HardBall, Jack Nicklaus Golf, Test Drive, Deadlock and Star Control. Accolade games are available from major software specialty stores, computer superstores or direct from Accolade by calling 800-245-7744. The products are distributed by Electronic Arts Distribution. Accolade is privately-held and based in San Jose, CA.

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