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Tempe, AZ, July 21, 1997 -- With all of the excitement and fanfare of a marching band parading down the street - just like they do in one of the most popular levels of Ripcord Games' hot new title, POSTAL - the company announced today that it is inviting members of the gaming community to participate in one of the most elaborate beta test sessions the industry has ever witnessed.

"We're not just talking about a few hundred or a few thousand participants," said Mark Shander, spokesperson for Ripcord Games. "We're talking about a base of 10,000 hardcore gamers, many of whom are already in line to beta test POSTAL. What's in it for them is that they get a taste of the game before we come out with demos and Shareware, and they can win a bunch of free POSTAL and Ripcord Games stuff! What's in it for us is that we get to test our game on an incredible assortment of hardware configurations, so we can be absolutely sure that we're doing everything we can to make POSTAL an enjoyable gaming experience for consumers right out of the box!"

To encourage participation in the Ripcord Games POSTAL on-line beta test program, Ripcord Games is giving away a gamer's dream computer to play POSTAL on, coupons for cash discounts when purchasing the retail version of POSTAL, and special collectors' editions of POSTAL, signed and sealed by the Running With Scissors development team members themselves.

"Of course we're giving away T-shirts, toys and goodies," Shander said, "but the thing we're really giving away, in exchange for your help in testing some of the routines in the game, is a taste of the experience that's waiting for you in September, when the complete retail version of POSTAL hits store shelves!" The Ripcord Games POSTAL beta test program begins Monday, July 21st, and lasts until August 21st, about the time an official Shareware version of POSTAL is scheduled to be released to the general public. Gamers who are interested in signing up for the beta test program can visit the official POSTAL Web site.

Included in the POSTAL beta test distribution package is the first exposure gamers will have to one of the most advanced and sophisticated game editors ever shipped with a title. In addition to editing characters and levels in POSTAL, the game editor allows extensive control of the artificial intelligence used by characters in the game. For the first time, complete extensive AI control communication networks can be created, changing the experience of playing the game entirely, and creating new and unique challenges for POSTAL players.

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POSTAL is the premiere title from Ripcord Games, a publisher specializing in game titles created to appeal to hardcore gamers. POSTAL is being published as a PC/MAC hybrid CD-ROM title, and hits store shelves in late September. Other titles from Ripcord Games include Forced Alliance, a space combat simulation; Hidden Wars, an action-strategy game and Space Bunnies Must Die, a 3D action game.

POSTAL was developed by Running With Scissors, an experienced game development company that considers itself to be "the world's most dangerous development company".

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