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Playmates Interactive Entertainment Unleashes New Characters, New Graphics and More Furious Game Play for the Sony PlayStation in July

Costa Mesa, CA, July 1997 -- Get ready to fight - weapons provided! Continuing the legacy of the hot 3D action Toshinden fighting series, Battle Arena Toshinden 3 will be unchained for the Sony PlayStation in July. Set in over 10 newly redesigned, enclosed "fighting arenas", this new title in the mega-hit series adds new characters, new graphics and highly responsive control dynamics to the already furious 360-degree rotation excitement. Battle Arena Toshinden 3 will be available in July for an estimated street price of $49.99.

Developed by Tamsoft, Battle Arena Toshinden 3 brings back the toughest and most ruthless characters that survived Battle Arena Toshinden 1 and 2 for a round robin battle-to-the-death. Cinematic introductions and endings set the stage as over 30 exotic, sexy, bloodthirsty characters - including more than 15 new fighters - battle it out, each equipped with their own awesome weaponry.

The playing arena has been completely redesigned - and enclosed. Now there is nowhere to run when opponents close in. Players can use the walls, ceilings and floors to maneuver and pounce on the weak in ten new and different arenas. Dozens of new killer moves, strategies, multi-hit combinations and attacks, enhanced by a real-life fighting perspective which are driven by state-of-the-art "camera angles", means totally realistic battle. Practice, survival and head-to-head modes satisfy a variety of battle-ready moods.

"Battle Arena Toshinden 3 continues the series' ability to set the standard for 3-D fighting games on the market," said David Localio, vice president of sales and marketing for Playmates Interactive Entertainment. "Without a doubt, this is the best Toshinden title to date and a real treat for fans of the fight game genre."

Playmates Interactive Entertainment is known for publishing some of the most exciting games for the PC and console in years, including the acclaimed and best-selling MDK PC, the murderously fun Meat Puppet PC, and soon-to-be-released titles VMX Racing PSX and MDK PSX.

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Playmates Interactive Entertainment Inc. publishes PC CD-ROM titles and video games for PC, Sony, Sega and Nintendo systems, including the worldwide hit "Earthworm Jim". It is a subsidiary of Playmates Toys Holdings Limited, whose stock is listed in the Hong Kong Exchange.

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