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Vancouver, Canada, August 11, 1997 -- ACT LABS, developers of cutting edge game peripherals, has announced the release of their latest Nintendo 64 accessory, the NitroVibe. There will be two models available, a regular version and an enhanced version, NitroVibe Plus. After the onslaught of third-party rumble pak releases, NitroVibe Plus will stand out as the only rumble pak available with a built-in controller memory pak.

NitroVibe (SRP $9.99) and NitroVibe Plus ($14.99), will offer vibration effects in addition to including a 256k memory pak. As a result, gamers will no longer have to "hot swap" controller paks between gameplay and data storage.

"How creative can you get with a rumble pak?" joked Gary Coey, a sales manager for ACT LABS. "We thought hard on how to physically improve the rumble effect and even the idea of a larger motor inside crossed our minds. Bottom line though, we were looking to offer gamers something extra. For the same price as regular paks, gamers get the bonus of an internal memory pak, thus avoiding the hassle of having to swap paks back and forth." Both versions of NitroVibe will be available in stores at the end of August.

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Founded in 1994, ACT Labs has invaded the gaming industry with a series of peripheral systems designed to max the gaming experience. ACT's multi-platform product line consists of joysticks, gamepads, arcade sticks and light guns for both the video game console and PC markets. By combining manufacturing expertise with a hardcore gaming edge, ACT has created a dynamic team, committed to the development of innovative, easy-to-use game controllers.

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