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Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 17, 1997 - ACT LABS, developers of cutting edge game peripherals, disclosed that their upcoming driving wheel, ACT LABS RS, will utilize a revolutionary cartridge feature for multi-platform compatibility. This technology will break the PC/Console barrier, allowing gamers to use one wheel for PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn and other upcoming platforms.

ACT LABS RS (SRP 59.99), which was introduced at Atlanta E3 this past June, will house a slot in its base for removable cartridges. As a result, the wheel can handle cross-platform gaming with just the switch of a cartridge. ACT LABS will also offer a free system cartridge with the purchase of each wheel. Additional system cartridges will be made available for $19.99.

"The possibilities and practical uses for this are endless," remarked Brandon Crick, Product Development Analyst for ACT LABS. "The cartridge system gives ACT LABS the edge in responding quickly to emerging technologies."

The FORCE RS (SRP $99.99), ACT LABS' highly regarded force feedback racing system, will also take advantage of cartridge technology, allowing for easy upgrades as new force feedback options are made available.

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Founded in 1994, ACT Labs has invaded the gaming industry with a series of peripheral systems designed to max the gaming experience. ACT LAB's multi-platform product line consists of joysticks, gamepads, arcade sticks and light guns for both the video game console and PC markets. By combining manufacturing expertise with a hardcore gaming edge, ACT LABS has created a dynamic team, committed to the development of innovative, easy-to-use game controllers.

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