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Dynamic New Product Line Features Seven New Titles Including Riven, the Highly-Anticipated Sequel to Myst

Novato, CA, May 21, 1997 -- Broderbund Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:BROD) today announced the launch of Red Orb Entertainment, a new division devoted to producing imaginative, high quality entertainment software. The debut of the new division, whose initial product line features seven new computer games, marks the company's full-fledged return to the gaming arena and signifies its commitment to the fast-growing category. All of the company's entertainment titles going forward will be published under the Red Orb Entertainment brand, including Riven: The Sequel to Myst, one of the most highly-anticipated CD-ROM titles ever.

"The creation of Red Orb Entertainment is a tremendous opportunity for us to define and establish a new brand of computer-based games that deliver on the expectations of the discerning gaming community," said Ken Goldstein, Vice President and General Manager of Red Orb Entertainment at Broderbund.

"We've amassed a development organization whose collective experience has a track record of creating some of the industry's most popular, top-selling games of all time."

Seven development houses are creating products for Red Orb Entertainment, including Raven Software, the creators of popular action games such as Heretic and Hexen; Trilobyte, Inc., the publishers of the highly acclaimed CD-ROMs 7th Guest and The 11th Hour; SSG (Strategic Studies Group), a well-known Australian developer and publisher of award-winning strategic war games; Presto Studios, best known for its award-wining photo realistic adventure game, The Journeyman Project; Smoking Car Productions, founded by Jordan Mechner, the creator of Prince of Persia; and Cyan, Inc., the well-known developers of the all-time best-selling CD-ROM, Myst.

The Red Orb Entertainment product line includes:

The Last Express, a richly detailed adventure aboard the world's most famous luxury train as it crosses Europe in 1914, in a world poised on the brink of war. The player is the central character, Robert Cath, in a visually exotic and engaging story that captures the true essence of a vivid time and place in history. Available now.

Warlords III: Reign of Heroes, the latest strategy title from Strategic Studies Group (SSG). In a series renowned for its depth of gameplay, Warlords III is set in the medieval fantasy world of Etheria where barbaric hordes engage in an epic struggle for total domination. The battle will rage with up to eight people at a time over the Internet. Anticipated release: Summer 1997

Riven: The Sequel to Myst, a journey to a time and place beyond Myst. Become immersed in a world of adventure and intrigue unlike any ever known in this stunning release developed by Cyan, Inc. Anticipated release: Fall 1997

Take No Prisoners, a new overhead perspective on 3D action games developed by Raven Software. You assume the role of mercenary in a city ravaged by a nuclear apocalypse and must combat mutants and refugees as you try to breach the Dome a fortress containing the remaining population and a vitally important secret. Anticipated release: Fall 1997

The Journeyman Project 3, the next installment in the highly acclaimed Journeyman Project series from Presto Studios featuring the thrilling exploits of heroic Agent 5, Gage Blackwood. As Gage, you travel through time to try to capture the deceitful Agent 3, untangle an intricate web of puzzles, assume multiple identities, and gather clues critical to the survival of mankind. Anticipated release: Early 1998

WarBreeds, a real-time strategy game developed in-house by Red Orb Entertainment with single-player and multiplayer modes. You control one of four alien clans in a planetary struggle for supremacy. As you conquer your enemies, collect their genetic material to custom build a stronger, more diversified army. Anticipated release: Early 1998

New from Trilobyte a persistent, massively multiplayer, action/combat game designed for Internet play and offering global contenders the ability to play head-to-head against other gamers within a captivating, real-time 3D environment. Anticipated release: 1998

To provide added value and service to gamers, Red Orb Entertainment is providing its own dedicated game-matching service, dubbed Red Orb Zone, to support all of its multiplayer games. Red Orb Zone will initiate its service with the release of Warlords III: Reign of Heroes, followed by multiplayer game matching for WarBreeds and Take No Prisoners. Red Orb Entertainment will also launch a Web site containing information, demos, and updates on Red Orb's product line, and a 1-900-7RED-ORB phone line offering hints and tips to game players.

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Red Orb Entertainment is a division of Broderbund Software, Inc., dedicated exclusively to the development of imaginative, high quality entertainment software for a broad range of game enthusiasts. In addition to developing entertainment software within the Red Orb Entertainment studio, Red Orb Entertainment publishes entertainment software from several of the industry's leading entertainment software development companies.

Broderbund Software, Inc., develops, publishes and markets a broad line of interactive content for use in homes, schools, and small businesses. Since its founding in 1980, Broderbund has pioneered innovative award-winning products that take advantage of the latest technologies. Broderbund has a successful track record of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends through its studio development approach.

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