Counter Action - Real-Time World War II wargame set at the Eastern Front

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Burgess Hill, UK, May 29, 1997 -- In the final months of World War II the battles at the Eastern Front saw the invading German army driven from the borders of the USSR by the defending Soviet forces. These ferocious battles proved decisive to the outcome of the War. Now Mindscape recreate the struggle at the Eastern Front with their latest release, Counter Action.

Counter Action is a real-time combat wargame with 28 separate missions following the progress of the battles at the Eastern Front. Missions can be played either as the invading Germans with orders to attack and advance or as the defending Soviets whose task is to repel the offensive and hold their positions. Each style of play needing different tactics and strategies to achieve their aim.

Control of infantry and military units in Counter Action is fast and intuitive. Complicated menus and extensive options are avoided giving immediate gameplay which puts the player directly into the heart of the battle. The complexity of the missions and available military units increases into the game giving a useful learning curve culminating in a full scale military operation.

Based on the actual armaments of the Soviet and German armies of World War II, Counter Action puts the player in control not only of infantry and tanks but of airstrikes, missile launchers, heavy artillery, armoured troop-carriers, anti-aircraft emplacements, anti-tank weaponry, dispatch riders and other military units enabling the development of complex combat strategies.

Counter Action releases in July for PC CD-ROM (including Windows 95).

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