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San Francisco, CA, May 14, 1997 -- Attention all die hard racers! If you re interested in winning $10,000, haul your lead foot over to www.ubisoft.com and enter the POD Race in Space Challenge, an online competition centering around Ubi Soft Entertainment's trailblazing doomsday racing game POD.

The POD challenge is sponsored by Intel Corporation, and is open to owners of the Pentium. processor or Pentium processor with MMX technology version of POD, as well as to those who have downloaded the shareware version. (Contestants with the full retail edition do have a slight edge because they can modify their car's grip, acceleration, brakes, handling and speed for optimum performance.)

For the first-round time trials, simply set your course for the Alderon track, choose the AV1 car and race either the computer or another player. Then submit your fastest ghost (saved game) between May 15 and June 15 via a special button on the Ubi Soft Web site.

The 64 top contestants will proceed to a series of playoffs to be held from July 1 to July 15. Opponents will be paired by POD-NET, a POD match-making service built into the Web site as well as the retail version of the game.

The tournament winner will walk away with a cash grand prize of $10,000! The next 20 runners-up will receive either a Thrustmaster Steering Wheel or an ATI 3-D Accelerator Card, each valued at $250, courtesy of Thrustmaster and ATI. The remaining 43 finalists will receive POD Race in Space T-shirts.

For more information and contest rules, click here

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Ubi Soft Entertainment, a $60 million European-based software publishing and distribution company, was founded in 1986 in France. Ubi Soft entered the software development arena in 1991 after its continued success in software distribution, representing 35% of all entertainment software to the French market. It is best known in the U.S. for Rayman, a blockbuster action/adventure game for all ages that debuted in 1995. In addition to its U.S. offices in California and its headquarters in France, Ubi Soft has offices in Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Australia and China.

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