SouthPeak Interactive Introduces Video Reality,
A Breakthrough in PC CD-ROM Game Technology

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Cary, NC, May 14, 1997 -- SouthPeak Interactive today introduced Video Reality(TM), a new approach to computer gaming technology that will forever change the way gamers look at their games.

Video Reality is a revolutionary process that seamlessly integrates characters and sets filmed with standard Hollywood production techniques into the computer gaming environment. The result is an atmosphere that combines the richness of a feature film with the interactivity of games rendered on the fly.

The first title utilizing Video Reality is Temujin: The Capricorn Collection, a psychological thriller that will retail for $54.95 and hit store shelves in September of this year. Two more Video Reality titles will be introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Atlanta next month.

"The best way to describe Video Reality is to say that it grabs gamers by the ears and pulls them inside the games," said Armistead Sapp, president of SouthPeak Interactive. "When you play a game with Video Reality, you feel like you're immersed in the real thing - as if you could reach right into your monitor and touch absolutely anything you see."

In SouthPeak's Video Reality games, players enjoy continuous freedom of movement with a 360-degree field of vision throughout the game environment. Some non-Video Reality games limit players to multi-directional vision only at pre-defined spots, and then move them from one of these spots to another without giving them the immediate opportunity to change their minds, back-track, or even choose what they are looking at while they go. But Video Reality completely immerses the players in the game, letting them control where they want to go, when they want to go, and what they want to look at on the way there.

One of the most impressive elements of the Video Reality experience happens when players navigate through the game and encounter characters in scenes that blur the line between game play and dramatic sequences.

Developers have spent three years and a total of 42 programmer years perfecting Video Reality, which requires IBM-compatible personal computers with the Pentium processor and Microsoft Windows 95 installed. Video Reality games are designed to run on the PC with no difficult installation required - users simply put the CD in their machine, and the game will run without time-consuming or potentially disastrous overwriting of existing drivers and other system software.

SouthPeak Interactive has charted new territory in the creation of its first games utilizing Video Reality by allowing professionals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to the development of a game all at the same time.

"Video Reality is not just the engine that drives a game," explained John Toebes, vice president of research and development for SouthPeak. "It's a way of making games that maximizes collaboration between graphic artists, title engineers, camera operators, video editors, programmers, and audio engineers. In the process, Video Reality brings out their best work and creates a game that goes far beyond just pushing pixels and polygons."

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Based in Cary, N.C., SouthPeak Interactive is a multimedia entertainment company that develops, publishes and markets quality CD-ROM entertainment products.

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