Realms of Arkania III
Official Hint Guide Announced
Hypertext CD for Online Hints Included

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Ogdensburg, NY, April 22, 1997 -- Sirtech Software, Inc. announce today its upcoming official hint guide for Realms of Arkania III - Shadows Over Riva. A special hint CD will be packaged with the guide allowing players access to hypertext hints from within the game. Complete maps and hints are just a key stroke away.

The hint CD will work in tandem with the built-in online manual that comes with the game to create a virtual encyclopedia of information about Arkania.

The printed Shadows Over Riva hint guide features:

  • Full annotated maps for every area of the game.
  • A guide to over 100 characters and shops in the game.
  • Full descriptions of the NPCs who join your party.
  • Complete items lists.
  • Descriptions of each monster you face and the booty it carries.
  • A complete walk through that takes you through the entire game in exhaustive detail.
  • Battle tactics and spellcasting strategies.

    The Shadows Over Riva hint guide will be available June 1st from Sirtech for $19.95. Shadows Over Riva will be on store shelves nationwide the first week of May.

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